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Mexico Metro Overpass Collapses and Causes Casualties and Destruction

On Monday, a train met accident after the bridge collapsed. It was traveling on the Mexico metro overpass, Olivos station on the metro’s Line 12 known as the golden line. Reportedly, the route was elevated when the bridge suddenly collapsed and train carriages crashed onto the ground. The accident resulted in massive destruction as it took the lives of many while injuring so many people. Furthermore, the rescue team started looking for the survivors and the injured at the crash scene. In addition, locals are likely to raise questions about authorities’ responsibilities towards the safety of infrastructure. 

Victims of Collapsed Mexico Metro Overpass 

According to government officials present at the scene, the train crashed and fell on a moving car under the bridge. Moreover, the carriages fell all over the place and resulted in taking the lives of least 23 people, including the children. Claudia Sheinbaum, the mayor of Mexico City stated the condition of injured people while mentioning that at least 65 people became the crash’s victim and seven of them are critical.

According to Sheinbaum, the survivors who were trapped, have been rescued as there was one trapped beneath the rubble in a vehicle.

Survivors’ Side of Story

The survivors expressed how they felt when the Mexico metro overpass collapsed. Mariana, a 26-year-old who survived the crash described that she heard a loud-thunder sound. She mentioned that everything fell apart and there were clouds of dust everywhere. Also, her head got hit by the roof when the accident happened. She also helped others in getting out of the window since she wasn’t badly injured.

Other than that, the witnesses happened to see the bridge shaking badly, they realized that something bad was going to happen. As per their statement, they ran towards the bridge right after the dust was cleared but there were no screams as if the people were no longer there.

How Did the Unfortunate Event Happen?

The recent Mexico metro overpass incident was no ordinary Road accident. According to the locals, it was negligence that took the lives of 23 people including minors. People stated that the Golden line was recently built in 2012 but couldn’t hold the burden of a train. Whereas, old bridges are still standing still without even a sign of damage. The locals had reported cracks in the bridge after it survived the 2017 earthquake. They requested answers from the authorities. The transport authorities did take action and repaired the overpass. The investigation is under process about the incident.  

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