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Memes Explain Everything About Mexico vs USA Football Game

USA’s Men’s National Team (UMNT) beat Mexico 1-0 in the finals of CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021. The dramatic match remained goalless until defender Miles Robinson netted one in the final 3 minutes of the game. Mexico vs USA matches have always been fiery but this one was something else. As much as the fans were excited to watch the game, they ended up being as angry.

The tactics and ethics in the game did not impress many fans. The game was violent and dull according to the audience. There were nearly 50 fouls in the match and only 1 booking due to which the referee also received backlash.

In the total USA has won the CONCACAF gold 7 times, Mexico 8 times while Canada is the only other team to win it 1 time.

Mexico VS USA Failed to Entertain the Crowd

The US missed great chances to score like Sebastian Lletget hitting the post after 25 minutes when there was just a keeper to beat in front of him. Mexico also had two sure-shot opportunities at the start of the second half. Midfielder Orbelin Pineda wasted an open goal with a wide effort and also failed to convert the ball in from right-flank at a close range. Scrappy play upset many fans who may have gone to sleep early.

Playing Rough

Unfortunately, both teams were displaying unprofessional behavior on the pitch. There were deliberate attempts to hurt each other in the guise of tackle. The USA committed 31 fouls against Mexico. Many memes have been going viral on social media but this short clip from the match is itself a meme. It shows the kind of behavior Team USA adopted to intimidate its opponents.

Mexico committed 20 fouls against the USA and was equally physical as seen from the meme below. To the viewers it felt like Hector Herrera was aiming to strike Eryk Williamson’s head, clean off his shoulder. Well, that horrible scene did look like the German Football League’s logo. Herrera was only given a yellow card for this.

Scary Moments

The players were risked of being badly injured in more than one instance. Majority of the Football fans love to watch the game as a skill-based sport. It becomes distasteful when any of the team resorts to violence. This Mexico VS USA match really creeped the hell out of decent people with a good heart.

Missed Chances

Match stats revealed that both teams had poor shot accuracy which was a laughing matter for Football fans. The USA let fly 14 times out of which only 5 landed on target while Mexico also had 5 shots on goal out of 22.   

A “Busy” Referee

Both teams kept the referee on his toes by committing fouls again and again. He often had to stop the play, which took out the immersion from the historic match between Mexico and the USA. On top of that, he failed to hand out more than one yellow card, considering the number of hideous fouls. The frustrated public found some entertainment in memes.

USA Fans Using Racism

Another problem that puts off the spectacle like Mexico vs USA involves the fans. They did not miss any opportunity for showing racial hatred towards the Mexican fans. This was also one of the reasons why many people did not acknowledge the win by the USA team.

Is This Even Football?

Many shared the clips where people were playing different sports in an unprofessional or more aggressive manner. It may be suitable for the players on the streets but not on an international stage. Football fans have related both these teams with the same street players who might not be as good as they thought.

These memes might be funny but not as much as those that came after England vs Italy in Euro 2020 Final.

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