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University of Sargodha Gets Mocked with Mia Khalifa Admission Application

The University of Sargodha in Pakistan has recently received an admission application from the porn actress Mia Khalifa, as a prank. The form which was shared on a social media page shows that anonymous applicant replaced the word Sargodha with Sexology in the official name of the university written on the top.

Mia Khalifa Applying In University of Sargodha

The application of admission in the University of Sargodha on behalf of Mia Khalifa was indeed a prank. It might have been an attempt to mock the university as the applicant change the name of the institution to the University of Sexology.

According to a Pakistani website, Mangobaaz, a Facebook page of University shared the form and said, “stop this nonsense if you are not interesting in taking admission then at least don’t mocking us”.

The form has been reportedly removed from the page now.

Reaction to Mia Khalifa Admission Form

Fake Mia Khalifa admission form had a mix of response from the viewers. While everyone knew it was nothing more than a prank or game, there were those who couldn’t resist confirming it from Mia and shared the picture on Twitter while tagging her.

Mia Khalifa

According to screenshots shared by the resource website, most of the viewers laughed the posts away with the comments like “Aisey Legends Bhi Mojood Hain (Such legends are here)”.

Few people were amazed at the way the form was filled. And, there were those who criticized university for owning an attempt by a prankster, taking it seriously and sharing on the Facebook page.

The post was later removed. But, a look at the said page shows that it doesn’t seem to be an official representation of the university, as it has many irrelevant posts just aimed at attracting the social media users. It also didn’t specify whether the admission department of the University of Sargodha received that fake Mia Khalifa form or it directly made its way to the Facebook page.

A Prank or Mockery

It is not sure if the fake Mia Khalifa application form was just a prank or it was an attempt to mock or criticize the university for any reason. According to a third possibility, the form can be neither a prank nor a mockery but just a social media post to attract the viewers. After all, apart from being a porn actor in past, Mia Khalifa is also a stuff that social media users exploit to make funny memes.

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