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Mia Khalifa Has Message for Those Who Refer to Her As Porn Star

Mia Khalifa joined the porn industry in 2014 and instantly became the best performer of the year by just filming for three months. Her Arab looks served as an ultimate fantasy for people who wanted to see the private moments of Muslim women. Her adult scenes especially in an Islamic outfit were greatly appreciated by the masses.

Although she left the industry in 2015, she also left a huge impact on the minds of porn fans. She was the most searched adult star before she left. However, after dissociating herself with porn organizations, some forces still refer to her a pornstar. She has requested numerous times for that to end but of course people failed to do that even in 5 years time.

Mia Khalifa Weighs Her Porn Stint With Other Activities

Mia Khalifa has become a huge social media celebrity after leaving the industry. Here she tweeted her other activities that she’s been doing for way longer than she did porn. Yet, she is being constantly maligned by some entities.

In a follow-up tweet, she said that her past was still haunting her because of media outlets. They kept working against her while she was struggling to adjust in life after leaving porn.

She further added that the same companies who called her a pornstar wanted to know about her social activism.

Why Did She Leave Porn?

Mia Khalifa was also known as Mia Callista who was born to a catholic family but did not practice any religion. The name “Khalifa” was given to her by the industry due to her Arabic features. Khalifa is an Arabic term which means ruler. These associations with Arabic backgrounds made her life difficult in terms of security.

She was condemned by most islamic communities who actually believed that she was a muslim. She even started receiving death threats from a terrorist group named ISIS which made her fear for her life all the time. They sent her doctored pictures of her adult persona being beheaded. This eventually led her to quit porn industry.

She explained the details in an exclusive interview and also revealed that she only earned $12,000 from porn while she has made so much more from other activities. Yet, her rebranding is not being accepted by a group of people.

How Is She After Leaving Porn?

Mia Khalifa currently has an estimated net worth of 3 Million USD, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She still does modeling and runs a steamy calendar business.

She also sells different merchandises on Amazon stores

Her Tik Tok is an escape from a plethora of nonsensical content on the app.

She co-founded an app named URef which engages the sports fans in rating and reviewing the referees. Here she is seen promoting the app my playing a little trivia in her own style

She has done sports commentaries many times. Even though she is criticized for being a real sports analyst, she manages to entertain the sports fans who usually become tense during the games.

She has revealed that she was not made for the porn industry as she felt like she needed to do something else. Ever since, she had transitioned into the sports, social media, and photography industry. Apparently she is doing better than before as the nose job she had in 2019 cost 15,000 USD which is more than what she earned for all of her porn films in three months.

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