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Is Michael Jackson’s Apparent Son B Howard Really Coming to Pakistan?

Who doesn’t know Michael Jackson, the king of pop music whose life was marred by several controversies. Apart from his dance moves and songs that swayed the world Jackson made headlines for several other reasons. One of the most discussed things about his personal life was his apparent son Brandon Howard, a singer who sings and looks exactly like him.

While, the world is still confused about B Howard’s relation with MJ, a video about his coming to Pakistan is roaming on internet.

Reality Behind Michael Jackson’s Alleged Son’s Arrival in Pakistan

A Pakistani news website with reference to a YouTube video reported that B Howard who is alleged son of Michael Jackson is coming to Pakistan. The video which is almost four months old is an amalgam of different B Howard interviews. It also talks about singer’s staunch resemblance with MJ and apparent connections with him.

The video has subtitles introducing B Howard, as a multi platinum producer, a top charted artist and his soon coming to Pakistan to promote music beyond the borders and also shows a glimpse of his songs.  But, it has only few hundred views.

Therefore it is not sure if Howard is really coming to Pakistan or not because it’s already more than four months since the video was published and nothing else has appeared about his coming to Pakistan.

Well, if Howard is really coming to Pakistan then it is a big news for fans who would love to see Michael Jackson’s apparent son performing live.

B Howard on Being Michael Jackson’s Son

There is no way for a person to believe that Brandon Howard is not the son of late Michael Jackson due to his striking resemblance with the singer. Since he made his debut in 2003, everyone believed Howard to be Michael Jackson’s son.  it was in 2014 when a website claimed to have evidence about his paternity. However Howard said Jacksons as “my family” and never self proclaimed to be his son.

Brandon Howard’s Relation to Michael Jackson

It is to be noted that there is sufficient ground to suspect Howard as Jackson’s son. It is not because of stark resemblemce in looks, manners, and singing style only. Howard’s mother Miki Howard who is also a popular singer and song writer had close ties with Jackson family. MJ’s father Joe Jackson was Miki’s manager and hence they were reportedly close to each other. Given such a close ties with Miki and Michael and then Howard being a ditto copy of Jackson it is inevitable to not suspect them as being related as father and son.

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