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Michio Kaku Net Worth- How Much Wealth Physicist Owns?

Very often public remains curious about the net worth of sports and showbiz celebrities. Even, million dollars’ worth handbags, shoes, and watches of different brands make headlines, after some famous film star endorses them. But, not everyone asks how much money a favorite scientist makes. Or how much is Michio Kaku Net Worth.

Such a lack of interest in knowing the financial status of scientists is evident from how the world reacted to Stephen Hawking death. Everyone was in awe, people were sharing his quotes but no one mentioned of the financial well-being of Hawking. Off course, that was not important too. But, the questions is, does such an oblivions attitude of people about knowing wealth of scientists make a sense?

Is that means that being a scientist doesn’t pay off well?  Let’s have a look at Michio Kaku net worth to have an idea of how much money a physicist can make. Or, whether being a celebrated scientist and authoring three New York Times bestsellers pays in the long run or not.

Michio Kaku Net Worth

Michio Kaku is indeed a millionaire. But, his net worth doesn’t represent all of his efforts of spreading science through different media. According to available online resources, Michio Kaku net worth is $5million. The figure is not encouraging and it is lesser than many of the showbiz celebrities like those Demetrious Johnson net worth.

Michio’s net worth seems to be less given his contributions. Just like Stephen Hawking, he is one of those scientists who worked to spread the science for masses. He has also worked as a presenter, writer, and teacher along with researcher. Michio is also a futurist who is famous for making predictions in science and technology.

Michio Kaku Net Worth

Let’s take an overview of Michio Kaku’s life.

Michio Kaku Biography

Michio Kaku is the son American Japanese parents; a fact that reflects well in his name as well as appearance. He was born on January 24, 1947, in San Jose California.

One of the notable early life achievement of Kaku was to assemble a particle accelerator for generating the gamma rays. Kaku performed this task by sitting in his parents’ garage. He graduated from Harvard University in 1968 and received his Ph.D. from University of California Berkeley.

Interestingly, Michio also completed basic military training as he was drafted for Vietnam War. But, he didn’t participate as war had ended before he completed his training.

Michio who is a professor at City College New York. During his academic career, he worked on some notable projects. And, one of them was his work on quantum mechanics at City University New York.

Who is the wife of Michio Kaku?

Kaku’s wife name is Shizue Kaku. The couple has two daughters Michelle and Alyson. According to online resources couple met each other at Rockefeller Centre ice rink, where Kaku used to try figure skating. They both dated for a brief period before getting married.

What Contributed to Michio Kaku Net Worth

Kaku had made his name in some fields. It is not clear about the contribution of each of his achievement to Michio Kaku net worth.

In his capacity as a physicist, Kaku not only wrote many books but also contributed to the blogs. He wrote almost 70 articles on the subjects of superstring theory, super symmetry and super gravity in various journals of physics.

Amongst his literary contributions, his notable work is those New York Time best sellers books that also have the perspective of a futurist.

These books include Physics of Impossible, Physics of the future and Physics of the mind. Kaku is also best known for his work in String Field Theory. Kaku also hosted a weekly show Sci Fi Science: Physics of Impossible. The show was based on one of his bestseller books.

Kaku’s TV and Radio Appearance

Kaku, as a pop scientist, has also worked to spread the physics among the general public. He has worked on TV and radio as a presenter to accomplish this task. He hosts a weekly one-hour radio show on Exploration and terms it as an attempt to discuss the topics like peace, war and, science and environment.

Kaku also gained popularity from his famous Science Fantastic show that features the scientists and noble laureates. Apart from hosting shows, he has made appearances in almost all the prominent English, new channels across the globe. Apart from all these intellectual appearances in different TV and Radio shows Kaku has also been featured in the songs like The Secret of the Stars, The Quantum World, Our Place in the Cosmos and Monsters of the Cosmos.

Is Kaku’s Net worth Justified?

Folks might not be interested in knowing why Michio Kaku net worth is not more than Hollywood celebrities. And, such an attitude shows what people want to buy. Yes, stars entertain, but scientists and physicists like Michio Kaku offer a thought and remedies to prevent any expected harm to future generations.

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