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Microcredit Role in Poverty Alleviation and Economic Development

The lack of collateral or assets to prove that you can return a loan results in not getting any money for your business. Rural areas typically have this problem where banks and financial institutions do not provide any funding access. There are many developing countries in the world where microcredit role can play a pivotal economic role.

Microcredit Role in Poverty Alleviation

Ascertaining the microcredit role in poverty alleviation is difficult. However, the views different from one person to another. But, there is no hope for the poor of the world without the availability of small loans.

Why is Poverty Bad for a Country?

Poverty can do no good for any country. It has many side effects for any nation. Typical side effects of being poor include stress, depression, increase in suicide rates, and illiteracy.

The Man Behind Elaboration of Microcredit Role

Dr. Younis, who belongs to Bangladesh, introduced a microcredit role that no one can deny. He successfully implemented that model now replicated across the world.

So Is Microcredit Role Enough or How Does it Help?

No one can deny the microcredit role in improving the lives of the people living in abject poverty. However, there are other factors too which can help improve their overall plight.

Microcredit Role in Poverty Alleviation and Economic Development

Training and Education

Training and education are necessary because, without them, the people would not be able to make wise money investing decisions. Because if they do not know where and how should they spend the money, they will waste it. One of the reasons that many small funding projects fail is lack of training. Training helps the person understand the type of business that they want to start. If they do not have the training, they would not be able to execute a business model properly.

Hygienic Living Environment

The sterile living environment is essential in poverty alleviation. Health remains one of the primary concerns of the poor people. It means spending more money on the medication. Thus, they are never able to spare enough money to pay on smarter investments. Therefore, besides microcredit role, they need to have a healthy living environment. An ecosystem where they can breathe and enjoy a reasonably healthy lifestyle.

Income and Savings

Microlending alone cannot solve the problems. No matter how hard the microfinance institutions try unless they help the poor with the concepts of income and saving, prosperity will remain a far-fetched dream. The microfinance loans will play their part when the people know how to save money. They must be taught about the concept of savings, so they can pay back and reinvest their earning. The right training can help turn a small business idea into a highly profitable venture.

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