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What is Truth in Rumors about Microsoft Acquiring Sony?

News about Microsoft acquiring Sony has been going viral on digital media. The acquisition of one tech giant by another that was also unexpected sparked a debate on media. As per the rumor mill, Microsoft had purchased Sony and all of its divisions for 130 billion USD.

There was no prior information on the acquisition and it came like a surprise. Many wondered how it was possible while others questioned the authenticity of this piece of news. Later it was revealed that this acquisition news was indeed false.

Where Did The News Of Microsoft Acquiring Sony Come From?

This rumor went viral after a Spanish website posted a detailed article that made it sound real. It presented arguments about Microsoft acquiring its biggest rival in the gaming industry to take advantage of its technology. The camera in the usual Sony devices has been extremely impressive which could have been beneficial for Microsoft’s Duo dual-screen mobile phone. Few months ago Microsoft was trying to buy Tik Tok amid the political pressure, which could have also enhanced its technologies. Points like these made the users talking and they also started reacting to the fake news.

The name of the website was Microsofters and soon found its place on the English-websites as well. Reportedly, EN24 news on social media played a key role in engaging users in sharing the news all over. Considering social media is a hot bed of fake news, the story of this magnitude was bound to get extra light. Various Fact-Check setups investigated these claims and found something interesting.

Going Through Fact-Check

Apparently, the original article on the Spanish website was posted on 28th December. Hispanic cultures observe this day as The Day Of Holy Innocents, which is slightly similar to April Fool’s Day. It is normal if someone pulls an epic prank on this day to cause perplexity and embarrassment among the masses.

Except few small websites and blogs, no huge news outlet covered this outrageous story. It was not understandable because it could have been the biggest news of this decade if it was real and almost all platforms would have picked it for their newsroom. Those who did pick, removed it after learning its origin.

Can Microsoft Acquire Sony?

The news might be fake but that doesn’t rule out any chances of Microsoft acquiring Sony or making an attempt to do so. The reason is that both tech giants are competitors at least in the gaming industry. Sony’s PlayStation is the iPhone in the world of gaming consoles; which is evident from all that hype around PS5.

Microsoft’s Xbox also has a repute among the gamers. Therefore, the acquisition of Sony can help Microsoft in several ways to monopolize the gaming industry. Further, the company has also made attempts to acquire TikTok in USA and Canada despite both these two being in different businesses.

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