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Microsoft Will Discontinue Internet Explorer to Replace it With Edge

On the 19th of May 2021, Microsoft announced to discontinue Internet explorer on windows 10. The company has better plans for the users in terms of proving a better browsing experience. The browser has completed twenty-five years in the world of internet connectivity and browsing. With the growing and innovating world, the users are also upgrading themselves considering the means of surfing on better platforms. The technological corporation has taken steps to innovate the user experience. A replacement will be in place to entertain the users with a more capable, fast, and upgraded browser.

Why Is Microsoft Eager to Discontinue Internet Explorer?

In the year 2020, Microsoft foreshadowed the decision to discontinue Internet explorer for windows 10 users. Along with that, the firm declared that its 365 applications will stop running on the browser. Seemingly, Microsoft is in the favor of regulating a browsing platform that can be more compatible with the new and updated software programs and applications. As per the company’s announcement, it was necessary to make changes for the betterment of the community. One of the reasons to retire IE is its security as other Microsoft creations can offer much more stability in data security. Explorer promises only monthly security updates, which increases the risk of vulnerability.

For many years, the users have shifted their interest towards other platforms including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and several more. Where these browsers are good at entertaining users with fast browsing speed and performance, IE lags in most of the functions that users rely on. Besides, many users also consider Internet Explorer an old and outdated medium. For many, the explorer is only beneficial in helping the users download its alternatives. Microsoft stated that on June 15, 2022, the Internet Explorer will become history for most of the internet and Windows 10 users.

Microsoft Edge will Take the Front Seat Now

As per the company’s statement, Microsoft edge will be a better replacement. The browser is not only fast but also compatible with updated applications. It’s secure in multiple ways, functions better, and provides a modern browsing environment. The company mentioned that edge is also a capable medium that is compatible with old websites and applications. According to stats counter, Edge holds the fourth rank as it controls 3.39 percent of the market, whereas explorer is not even close. Microsoft added that all the IE-based websites will shift their tasks to Edge. Their applications will stay affiliated with Edge at least until 2029.  

It appears that the company is focusing on modern tech products like social media. Last year Microsoft made news for possible acquisition of Tick Tock.

For those Who Still Want IE

As per FAQ from Microsoft detailing the shift Microsoft, the company is not entirely wiping out explorer as the users of Windows 8.1 and some other versions of the operating system will be able to use its services. And for those with the 10th installment and the latest version can use Explorer 11 features while using Edge. Server Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications will assist them in using the browser in the updated version of the operating system. Lastly, while announcing to discontinue internet explorer, the company stated that it will give one year notice before retiring it completely.

Social Media is Making Noise After the Company’s Decision

Social media became active in posting sentimental posts regarding the retirement of the oldest internet browser. Their anecdotes about using Explorer for the first time to browse filled up space on the platform.

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