What Is Microsoft’s New Foldable Phone Surface Duo All About

Microsoft's Surface Duo

As an alternative to its competitor’s new folding phones, Microsoft introduced the surface DUO, which is a two-screen 360 degree hinged phone capable of performing all tasks a modern phone can.

Surface DUO Specification

According to the specification released by Microsoft, the new foldable phone comprises of two separate 5.6 inches with a 360-degree hinge in the middle, respectively, and has an extended display of 8.3 inches. The reason for using two separate screens is to make it more user friendly. The phone surface Duo is currently powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor but can also be upgraded to the latest QUALCOMM processor available in the market.

The New Phone Will Have A Android Operating System

To the surprise of many Microsoft’s new phone will incorporate the android operating system. Microsoft Product Chief Panos Panay, while commenting on the use of the android system, said, “we have learned from our past mistakes, and by using Google’s android system we are simply offering our customers the best possible product. In no way are we stating that our product is inferior. We, at the moment, just don’t have a sustainable ecosystem like Google’s Android.”

It’s not clear   exactly when the Surface Duo will be available in the market, but one thing is for sure that the introduction of the pocket-sized phone has pushed mobile technology on to a whole new level

The Era Of Foldable Phones Has Begun

One of the most innovative and interesting technologies that have come forth this year is the invention of the dual-screen phone, which has taken the market by storm. Samsung was the first one to introduce its folding phone, but the phone had a terrible flaws, which made the phones screen prone to breaking whenever the phone was folded. Shortly after Samsung, Apple, and other mobile manufacturers announced they too would be joining the race to introduce their versions of the foldable phones.

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