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Will Mikhail Minhustin as Prime Minister be Game Changer for Russia

President Viladimir Putin has announced Mikhail Mishustin as new Prime Minister of Russia after Dmitry Medvedev who was the prime minister Russia since 2012 resigned from his post. It is astonishing that Putin chose Mishustin a technocrat and tax economist who is not known for his political relevance as the next Prime Minister of country.

Mikhil Mishustin As Prime Minister of Russia

In a recent state of union address the Russian president announced the introduction of new legislation that would help improve the political and socio-economic condition of the country. After the address for reasons not clearly unknown or understood the entire Russian cabinet reigned fueling Mikhail Mishustin rise.

Out of the multiple names suggested Putin favoured the head of taxation Mishustin under whose leadership the country taxation system has improved greatly. He digitised the much of Russia’s taxation systemand made previously excluded businesses to contribute to economy while at the same time reducing tax evasion.

Mikhail’s Agenda for Russia’s Prosperity

While addressing the Russian parliament Mikhail laid great stress on the need to develop advance home grown technologies like AI technologies to stay a head of the game. “We need to understand the need of the hour to and tailor ourselves accordingly to insure a future for ourselves “said Mishustin. The Russian president approves his appointment as the new Prime Minister after 383 lawmakers supported his nomination.

Reaction on Mikhail’s Appointment as Russian Prime Minister

Analyst closely monitoring the situation have given a divided opinion on his analyst while talking to media reportedly said “I am satisfied with his selection. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that he has acquired from his previous roles as the head of various technological and finance firms will insure progress in the right direction.”

Political pundits opine that Mikhail Mishustin’s appointment as Prime Minister might be aimed ensuring a smooth presidency for Vladimir Putin untill 2024. He also may be more efficient alternate of his predecessor who couldn’t execute national project aimed at huge public spending for infrastructure development in a better way.

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