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Distance Between Earth And Moon

The distance between earth and moon has always been a mystical thing for human beings. However, this distance is nothing compared to the distance between sun and earth. The distance between sun and earth is 92.96 million miles. The sun and earth or its one length is considered AU or one astronomical unit. This astronomical unit is considered a measure for measuring from other celestial objects in the space. The distance between moon and earth is one of the biggest milestones that man has ever achieved. The distance between sun and earth makes it just ideal for the humans to get enough heat without getting burned. This crucial distance maintained by nature helps sustain life on earth, the form we are cognizant of.

Distance From Earth To Moon

The distance from earth to moon was not easy to cover. The moon is hundreds of thousands of miles away. One question often asked is what is the diameter of the moon? Well when you are wondering what is the diameter of the moon, you should know that estimates say it to be around 2,159 miles. Despite the small moon size it creates tidal waves in earth’s oceans. One of the most mesmerizing things about its light. Stars like Sun originate their own light. Moon is not a star, though. Therefore, you might wonder why the moon would emit light? Well, the moon is not emitting any light of its own. When the sun goes down, it keeps shining, but we cannot see it. The moonlight is basically the light coming out of the sun but reflected from the moon before reaching us.

How Many Miles Away Is The Moon

The moon is 238,900 miles from earth. Each of the moon phases lasts almost a month. There are eight moon phases. The lunar calendar is based on a lunar cycle. Each of the lunar cycle’s length may vary significantly. The mass of the moon is estimated to have the value of 7.34767309 × 1022 kilogrammes. This is only estimated moon mass and can only be determined as an approximation. The radius of the moon is estimated to be around 1,079 miles. This moon radius is also a rough estimate based on its shape and features. It is considered as the only natural satellite or revolving body for the planet earth. And one surprising fact is its estimated age of around 4.53 billion years. The gravity on the moon is 1.622 m/s2, a lot less than that of earth’s gravity at 9.807 m/s2.

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