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Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey Book is Too Sexy for Critics

Rupi Kaur who is widely known for her influential quotes and poetry is currently facing mixed reactions but mostly criticism on social media. The platform users are bashing her for the recent video that she posted on TikTok, which people normally use as a lip-syncing application. Seemingly, the big reason behind the negativity in comments is the erotic nature of the video. Apparently, People did not like the way she presented the specific quote from her Milk and Honey Book on the video-sharing app. Besides, the poetess isn’t only surrounded by criticism but getting appreciated by her supportive fans as they admire her work and the way she pursues it. 

What Milk and Honey Book is All About?

Milk and Honey Book is believed to be a prose and poetry collection portraying Rupi Kaur’s mindset regarding femininity, survival, and how sexual abuse, assault, love, betrayal, and loss impact a woman’s life. Also, the particular piece of rhythmic discourse comprises multiple chapters and sections which somehow seem to be relevant to the life of the poetess, reportedly. 

Furthermore, on November 4, 2014, the book became an official and published poetry collection which gained much fame and recognition. In light of such success, over 3 million copies of the book were sold. The book also made its way to The New York Times Best Seller List in June 2020.  

Why are Critics Against Kaur’s Dramatic Reading of Quote? 

Rupi Kaur on TikTok posted a dramatic reading of a verse from the Milk and Honey Book of poetry. What made people go crazy about it was presumably her suggestive gestures that synced perfectly with what she was saying. Her 15-second video contains the reading of a single line that seemingly made the viewers offended and they started condemning her. 

Some targeted her with criticism on her writing style and even posted against it on social media platforms. For them, such sort of poetic lines is just an insult to poetry and Kaur should stop contributing stuff like this. 

It isn’t the first time that Rupi is facing criticism for something. Previously, she was facing the public’s wrath in terms of disparagement when she wrote in the support of Indian Farmers’ Protest. Now, her literary writing style encouraged some bad mouthers to comment on her work.  

What do Trolls Say About It?

Aside from the negativity that surrounded the Canadian poetess due to her depiction of seductive verses from The Milk and Honey Book, trolls played a vital role in filling up platforms with memes and mockery against her. Like some of the most famous TikTokers, Rupi Kaur who recently joined the application became a victim of ridicule on social sites due to her short video of reading a sexual poem line. Several individuals mimicked her as they read some erotic poetry to mock her working style.
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