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Mini Google Home to Embrace the Market Soon

Google is planning to launch a Mini Home version of its Home smart speakers. The rumor has it that the company plans to unveil Mini Google Home sometime in October. There are no more specifics or details available about this launch so far.

Mini Google Home to Compete Amazon Echo Dot

Google knows the competition it faces in the smart home devices. Therefore, it wants to launch Mini Google Home for competing against Amazon Echo Dot. The new Mini Google Home will let you connect your voice control systems, join multiple home units, and talk to Google Assistant.

Google’s artificial intelligence technology will power the new appliance. There are not many details available about the new Mini Google Home for now. However, the word mini apparently suggests a smaller version of the original product.

Why Build Cheaper Version of Google Home?

Since Amazon understood it first the need for having smaller versions of its smart home devices, Google is catching up to the idea. Google wants to capture that market which remained neglected until Amazon came along with the idea of Echo Dot.

It is affordable to buy a single $130 Google Home speaker. However, if you are planning to buy several of those, you will have to pay large sums of money. Therefore, Google thought it to be a good idea to build a cheaper version so users could afford more of these speakers in different rooms of their house. Similarly, it is a small investment for people who just want to test the new Mini Google Home.

Capabilities of the New Mini Google Home

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the new Mini Google Home will imitate the features of the original device. Besides having Google Assistant using company’s AI technology, the device will let you get answers to basic questions. You will be able to playback music, make phone calls, manage your calendar, and make adjustments to your smart home.

It remains to be seen if the new Mini Google Home will offer more features than its predecessor. Since Amazon’s Echo Dot has some features that the original Echo lacks. Some examples include Bluetooth, auxiliary cable, and ability to connect with different speakers separately. Since there are no confirmations available about the launch of mini Google Home, it’s hard to predict what features it will offer. However, what is not difficult to predict that if it does come along, it will give Amazon Echo Dot a run for the money.

Mini Google Home to Embrace the Market SoonAmazon is very active in the game of smart home devices. Apple is also gradually understanding the market and its potential well enough. A couple of months ago Apple launched HomePod. You can read about Apple Homepod here.

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