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How Mirza Ghalib’s Poetry is Much Relatable to Millennials

December 27, 2017, marked the 220th birthday of legendary Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib. It is astonishing that Ghalib continues to rule the hearts, even after 22 decades. He is not only a heartthrob of Urdu poetry connoisseurs but also more like a mentor for the modern youth. The fact that Mirza Ghalib was trending on Twitter proves his popularity among the present generation of Indo-Pak.

On this day, Indo-Pak people were engaged in an online brawl on the matter of Indian spy, Kulbhushan Yadhav. But at the same time, both countries were also celebrating the 220th birthday of Mirza Ghalib by reminiscing his poetic contributions.

Mirza Ghalib dates back to the Mughal era, but there are artists, writers and painters of the 20th century who are equally famous in India and Pakistan. One such legend is the calligrapher Syed Sadequain Ahmed Rizvi, who left an impact on the people of the region, in form of his work.

Youth in India celebrating the day

Ghalib is undoubtedly another shared cultural heritage for India and Pakistan. On his recent birthday he emerged as a celebrity more relatable to millennials; at least this is what the Twitter trend on this legendary poet reveals.

Mirza Ghalib on Making the Lives Easier

Poets often seem confused when it comes to choosing between a rational or emotional path. Those who are also philosophers come up with very brilliant ideas. This verse of Ghalib that promotes the philosophy of forgiveness and being humble teaches the great lesson of life. It is also very much impressive; perhaps this is the reason why it is roaming on social media.

Believe in destiny has remained a much-debated subject in the history of mankind. It is straightforward for people to blame the luck for all their failures.

In this verse, Ghalib explains this fact like this.

This one on manners in love, important of passion and going to extreme levels for a cause is fabulous.

Ghalib on Love Life

The tradition of Urdu poetry is much robust with respect to the celebration of emotions related to love. Very often poets compliant about the betrayal of beloved, loneliness and cruelty of this hostile society. But they also come up with fabulous ideas to make a match with an otherwise incompatible, beloved. Like in the following verse, Ghalib comes out as a genius when he points out towards a non-existent compatibility, with some hilarious logic.

Mirza Ghalib like other Urdu poets uses powerful metaphors to express the feelings. In one of his verses, he writes the day of separation as the doomsday.

On Explaining the Youth about Existential Crises

Existential crisis is much prevalent among millennials; they have got enough data to track the journey, human beings have traveled to reach the present status. All they see is the transformation of one mode of life to another due to ever going development and evolution. They are witnessing the humanity in the digital era and wondering where it is heading. The modern-day youth is more in a position to scrutinize religion and different philosophical aspects to know the meaning of life. Mirza Ghalib had narrated this fact very well by questioning the God about the purpose of his existence, in the famous verse, Na Tha Kuch to Khuda tha, Na Hota Kuch Khuda Hota, Daboya Mujh ko honey ney na hota mein to kya hota.

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