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Misbah ul Haq Gets Bashed for Pakistan’s Poor Performance Against Australia

After a horrible three-nil defeat at the hands of the host country, Australia Pakistanis are bashing the Pakistani head coach Misba ul Haq for single handily destroying the Pakistani national team.

Here’s What People Are Saying To Misbah

The appointment of Misba Ul Haq as the new head coach of Pakistan was a welcomed changed that many Pakistani wanted as they thought it would help improve the performance and raking of their national cricket team. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened, and the Pakistani cricket team went from bad to worse. People can wait for the team and head coach to return and get the welcome of their life.

Cricket, like any other sports, is just a game and should be treated as such there is no point in losing your cool. Besides, there’s still a test series we must bear, so it is even more important for us to retain our patients because we know what going to happen.

Fans have already started demanding PCB to bring back Mickey Arthur and Sarfaraz. It’s high time the head coach puts his ego aside and realize that he’s not doing a good job at all.

The team based on their performance should be treated like this 

Fans are questioning the selection criteria employed by the Pakistani Cricket Board. Few think that one after the other, the senior positions have been occupied by people who have let the country down.

While talking to the media, the former head coach Mickey Arthur had this to say

The head coach must be really ticked at Muhammad Irfan as he was meant to be the Trump card and was supposed to secure Pakistan its victory; instead, he gave away 28 runs with such ease.

And this was not the all, there was so many moments in the series when fans got to wonder what their cricketers were up to.

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