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Misbah ul Haq To Leave Cricket After West Indies Test Series

On Wednesday, the chairman of PCB, Shahryar Khan said that Misbah ul Haq’s West Indies tour would be his last.

The PCB Chairman stated that he had not spoken to Misbah ul Haq about his retirement. He, however, said that there was an understanding between PCB and Misbah ul Haq that he would retire.

The PCB Chairman also added that he did not feel the need to talk to Misbah ul Haq about his retirement. In the past when the captain was asked about his retirement after Pakistan’s successful tour of England, he had said that it would be a selfish decision.

The Test series with West Indies will begin on April 22nd in Kingston, Jamaica. Pakistan will play the 2nd and 3rd test with West Indies on April 30th and May 10th.

Who Should Captain Pakistan Test Team After Misbah ul Haq?

Captain Pakistan Test Team After Misbah ul HaqMisbah ul Haq has united the team after becoming the test team’s captain. Pakistan has time and again made the mistake of choosing the wrong replacement captain.

Here are the top qualities that PCB must look into the new captain to lead the Pakistan’s test team.


It is not easy to captain the Pakistan’s test team. Pakistan’s media and the public are impatient for results. They are always looking for performance and do not have the patience to tolerate too many defeats. Pakistan test team needs a captain who has the temperament to take the pressure of the board, media and public and still able to perform at the highest level.

Unifying Force in the Team

Misbah ul Haq has always been considered a unifying force in the team. He has shown the characteristics of a real leader who would unite the team to win even the most established test teams. Pakistan must choose a captain who can maintain the unity in the team and can take performances in all the departments like batting, bowling, and fielding.

Lead by Example

Misbah is not that captain who would just keep on talking and giving instructions. Over the course of his career, he has matured a lot. He has led his team by exemplary performances. His ability to withstand pressure and bat through longer innings despite facing tough oppositions is a morale booster for the team. The next captain must be able to inspire others to perform by taking the lead in crucial situations.

Performance Driven

Misbah ul Haq has always focused on improving his performance. He also mastered the art of taking performances from his strike bowlers and batters. A real captain is the one who inspires confidence and motivates his team to do their best. The next Pakistani test captain must have the ability to motivate his team members to perform to their maximum potential.

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