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Miss Iraq Not Regretful on Controversial Selfie despite Death Threats

Miss Iraq, who reportedly received death threats for posting a selfie with Miss Israel says, she has no regrets about her action.

27 years old, Sarah Idan became the talk of the town for posting her joint selfie with Miss Israel, Adar Gandlesman on Instagram, during Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles. According to reports, the selfie that said “Peace and Love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel sparked an unexpected reaction in Iraq.

Controversies around Miss Iraq’s Contest for Miss Universe

While talking to CNN, Miss Iraq revealed that she received online death threats for her selfie with Miss Israel. Director of the Miss Iraq Organization allegedly asked her to remove the selfie from social media or threatened to take the title back.

She further told that her motive to post the selfie with Adar Gandelsman was to tell the world that they had no problem, as they were ambassadors of peace.

Given the Arab-Israel conflict and absence of diplomatic relations between Iraq and Israel, such public outcry was likely to arise. But it seems that selfie was not the only controversy Miss Iraq faced during the pageant.

According to media reports, Idan was also forced to wear a modest swimsuit for the competition; pageant had to go on- air on national TV. She has also informed the media that Miss Universe organizers had removed her Bikini photos from the web.

Miss Iraq’s Participation in Miss Universe Contest

Reports may suggest that Idan made an extra effort for making her way to the Miss Universe Pageant. According to CNN, Miss Iraq Organization told that group supported Sarah for her endeavor, but it didn’t provide funding to meet all her needs.

Miss Universe contest has seen representation from Iraq for the first time in last 45 years. It is the time when women from the Middle East are emerging in different fields of life including athletics. Recently, Shadia Bseiso, from Lebanon has become the first woman from the Middle East who made to the WWE (World Wrestling Event).

Sarah Idan’s Response to Critics

In another Instagram post, Sarah Idan explained her stance. She elaborated that her attempt was not to support Israel government’s policies in the Middle East. She also apologized to those who considered the selfie offensive for being an attack on the Palestinian cause.

The controversy around Sarah’s selfie is creating hype in a time when the world is criticizing Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem. Nations around the globe seem united against Israel, as they demand Security Council to take action. Anti-Israel sentiments are on rife in the Arab world for its aggressive policies against Palestine. So, it was unlikely for Miss Iraq and Miss Israel’s joint selfie to not get such response.

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