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Mission Impossible 7- Did Tom Cruise Bring Robots To Ensure COVID SOPs

A rumor is running wild that Tom Cruise has brought a robot army on set to make sure everybody followed COVID-19 protocols. The news reports said that the hero was still furious about last month’s incident when some of his Mission Impossible 7 crew members ignored COVID safety protocols. It was first reported by a popular UK tabloid, The Sun. It untruthfully reported that the robots Tom brought were not lethal but very intimidating. They would make someone behave themselves instantly if they were not wearing the mask, washing hands, or sneezing/coughing openly, etc.

Fortunately, the news was not true and the media outlet was probably having some fun. Sadly, everyone picked this false news and made it viral. 

Tom Cruise Going Off On Mission Impossible 7 Crew

This story came as an appendix for Tom’s rant on 16th December 2020. The Sun made it look like that Tommy was so determined to ensure SOPs that he spent tons of money on buying coronavirus robots. Rumor busters approached the film production staff, who confirmed that this story was inaccurate. The media outlet just posted this fake news to carry on the sensationalism that broke out from this outrageous schooling of COVID rule breakers.

His attitude may have been over the over the top for a grown man but those who were aware of the critical virus situation around the world, understood where he was coming from. Total cases in the US have reached 93 million while more 2 million people have died within a year.

Last February, the production of Mission Impossible 7 was halted in Italy due to coronavirus. And when the filming of outdoor scenes restarted again, some crew members pissed off Tommy and eventually led to this fake robot story.

But COVID-19 Robots Do Exist

The news about robots on Mission Impossible 7 set is false but it does not mean that COVID-19 bots do not exist. According to reports, there was a researcher in China who developed a robotic arm to take mouth swabs for testing. This technology was called droid and was specifically designed for taking quick samples. It lowers the risk of cross-infection that happens when humans test each other. China has deployed this technology in a mass testing campaign to prevent outbreak in other provinces. Here is one example of one of these robots:

Tom can of course buy some of these robots with ease but right now he did not. He will however appear in a movie which will be purely be made in space. Nevertheless, humans should not need a robot to fix their sense of safety.

When the Film Mission Impossible 7 Will Release?

There is not much revealed about the Mission Impossible 7 film yet. The last time viewers saw Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in the 6th installment of the series, Fallout. Currently, there is no name for the 7th installment in the franchise. First, it was set to release on 23rd July 2021 but due to delays like this, it has been pushed back to 19th November 2021, reportedly. Mission Impossible 8 is also said to be arriving in 2022. One year gap between two huge films is striking. It means that Tom is simultaneously working in multiple films amidst the disturbing schedule. Reportedly, his most awaited sequel Top Gun 2 is also going to release on 1st July 2021 after seeing a long delay due to coronavirus. No wonder, the star was so furious at his crew for not taking the pandemic seriously.

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