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MMA FighterAnita Karim Returns Home After Winning The OSW

Anita Karim is Pakistan’s first ever female MMA fighters just returned home after winning the One Warrior Series (OWS) in Singapore in which she defeated a formidable foe Gita Suharsono from Indonesia.  Upon her return to Pakistan people gave MMA Fighter Anita Karim a heroic welcome. 

Pakistanis Welcoming MMA Fighter Anita Karim

After defeating Indonesia’s Gita Suharsono who was more experienced and is known for her unforgiving nature the champ returned home. And, the way folks welcomed her was another worth seeing moment.

After her plane landed at Islamabad airport, people showered her with flowers and performed a traditional Hunza Valley dance to celebrate her victory. News channels rushed into interview her.

 Those who could not come to receive her at the airport took to social media to express their joy and happiness

While others are saying we should encourage more female athletes like MMA Fighter Anita Karim.

Many feel that she is a true sign of women empowerment

She has been declared as the women of the year by some brands

A Bit About Anita Karim

Baltistan Pakistan. She has three brothers and two sisters. She often joined her brothers while they were practicing martial arts.

After finishing her studies, the 22-year-old decided to pursue a career in MMA. To achieve her goal of becoming one of the best MMA fighters she left Hunza valley to train under some of the best MMA coaches of Pakistan.  Most of those coaches are first generation MMA fighters of Pakistan trained by Bashir Ahmed a prominent American born Pakistani MMA fighter.

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