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Spider Like Mobile Airbag that Prevents Phone Screen From Shattering

People remain surrounded by a constant fear regarding their smartphones- What if their brand new phones fall on the floor and their $600 or so go in vain.

Almost every smartphone user covers the smartphone screen with a protector to avoid such inevitable damage. Well, here is a long-term solution in the form of a spider-like mobile airbag that works like the superhero to save the phone screen in the time of crises.

Mobile Airbag that Becomes A Spider to Save Phone

They say it “need is the mother of invention,” and this mobile airbag proves this so well. According to Mashable, Philip Frenzel, a German engineering student conceived this idea after his bad experience with a broken phone that had crashed after slipping down from the pocket.

So, he came up with this design of a tech-power protector that has four legs and assumes the shape of spider upon coming to contact with the floor, thus uplifting the phone core and minimizing the damage up to a greater extent than traditional protectors.

The name of this mobile airbag is ADcase. Here AD stands for Active Dumping, and it indeed manifests its function so well.

How Spider-Like Design Works?

The working of this mobile airbag design is much interesting. No wonders, that design earned 2018 Award for the German Society Mechatronics.

Well, this spider-like protector works so simply. It has sensors that detect when a mobile is in free fall state and then deploy the metal springs in a way that they stand on the ground like legs. Or, one can say that design works like the parachute but it is more automatic in nature. So, users don’t need to push a button to open the mobile airbag, as the sensors are enough to activate it.

And, above all, they also get a cool feeling that their phone has got a backing from some spiderman like a savior. In initial stages, the design might not be that much elegant but it can transform to become more classy in later stages.

ADcase- The Future of Smartphone Protectors

Saying ADcase to be a mere screen protector will be an injustice to the design, as this mobile airbag has potential to encase entire phone. Smartphone giants are indeed coming up with innovative designs that might make future mobile phones less prone to less damage. One such example, is Apple’s foldable display, but it seems to be more focused on minimizing the space. If the German’s student’s idea of using a sensor technology becomes a hit, it will catch the attention of smartphone companies, who will try to come up with the same thing incorporated into the phone’s core.

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