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Model 3 of Tesla Motors Unveiled with First Looks

The wait for Model 3 buyers is finally over. The first images of the Model 3 have been shared by the Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The CEO shared the picture with a tweet mentioning First Model 3 Production car. The next picture shared was of the car standing outside the factory.

Model 3 – A Mass Market Luxury Car

Tesla wants to change the concept of luxury cars accessibility from a few to the masses. The company wants to introduce luxury models in bulk for the general public. The car will become available to 30 of its owners by 28th July 2017. The car will have a price of $35,000.

Tesla went through a bit of a delay when it could not timely meet deadlines for car production. However, in December, customers could see a reinforced confidence in the company’s ability to timely deliver cars with stock prices reaching the double. There is a bit of a reduction in demand for the cars in California dropping by 24%. However, Tesla does not agree with these figures.

The company had a loss of $889 million last year. Volvo, another automotive company, had claimed a few days ago to become the first company to phase out traditional gasoline and diesel run cars with electric vehicles. Tesla pitches itself as one of the leading electric vehicles manufacturers responded to the tweets with Model 3 pictures.

Fewer Features for On Time Delivery

Model 3 of Tesla Motors Unveils First LooksElon Musk is trying over the last few months to set realistic expectations for the Model 3. The company wants to meet the demand for the vehicles. Therefore, the in-time delivery of the vehicles means sacrifice on some of the more advanced features. The car features one 15 inches’ touchscreen display. However, Model 3 may not have the heads up display or extra gauges.  The car is an all-wheel-drive dual motor vehicle

Patented Aerodynamic Wheels

The company understands the need for an electric car that is highly aerodynamic. Therefore, the company has been granted a patent with a new looking aerodynamic wheel face. The company did offer an aerodynamic wheel back in 2013 as well, but customers did not like its design. Therefore, the company did not provide them to the market because of the poor feedback. The company at that time had said that these aerodynamic wheels would help improve fuel efficiency by 3 to 4 percent.

Demand-Supply Gap

Tesla understands that by delivering just one Model 3, it will not be able to fulfill the car demand by its customers. Therefore, it will have to increase production of the luxury electric car. The company plans to deliver 100 cars in the month of August 2017. There would be an increase in production to 1500 cars for the month of September. Elson Musk believes the company will be able to produce 20,000 vehicles a month by December 2017. The company will have exponentially increase its production over the next few months to stay on schedule.

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