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This Modi Doll Has Become a Joke on Social Media

A picture of a toy made in the image of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been going viral for making people laugh. Modi doll appears to be wearing the similar attire as the PM usually does i.e., Shalwar Kurta with a Vest and Neckwear.

Social media users have been sharing jokes and memes but have also tried to search for a valid reason for its existence.

Are Children going to Play with Modi Doll?

According to reports, there are many toy makers who have been making religious dolls and particularly the dolls with PM Modi’s persona. Many kids reportedly wish to meet PM Modi in person but he stays quite busy with his routine. Reports cite Modi’s love for kids and education as the reason for toy manufacturers to allow kids to keep a Modi doll instead. However, many folks disagree with this concept and think kids will only see him as the person who destroyed their future.

Some Want to Gauge their Eyes Out

Modi doll has not been a nice development for the majority of social media users. They are wondering whether it has a button that makes the toy speak like Modi himself. If that is the case then kids may be in for an unpleasant experience.

It is Reminding People of Baby Doll Songs

Viewers are having fun with citing different songs that rhyme with the phrase “Modi doll”. A famous song from Bollywood movies uses the word “baby doll” in its lyrics for addressing a woman. The same song is humming in the public’s head after watching this Modi doll.

How can they forget a popular Aqua song called Barbie Girl on this occasion? It seems like that it suits well with the aesthetics of this toy.

Comparisons with Other Popular Dolls

No, there are no comparisons with Barbie but these ones are way more interesting. Looks like those notorious dolls Chucky and Annabelle from horror Hollywood movies are going to have a perfect partner.

Who Made this Doll and Why?

Many were unaware of the motive behind toys like these so all they had was hope. Some hoped that it was not some kind of campaign by the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) to indoctrinate kids. On the other hand, they were also concerned about what would happen if the critics and haters of Modi get this doll.

Can this Doll Make Modi’s Image Any Better?

Another debate regarding this doll is if it can improve the image of the Indian Prime Minister considering how he has taken steps to further polarize India. For example, ending the special status to Kashmir by revoking article 370 has broken a lot of hearts. Moreover, the introduction of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register for Citizens (NRC) has received severe backlash. Many Indians have protested against these new laws with a concern that the laws have violated the secular identity of India.

So, a question arises that whether a plushy doll can make Modi’s image better or just offer people an opportunity to criticize him on sarcastic grounds.

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