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Mohsin Abbas Haider Gets Slammed for Abusing His Wife

Pakistani film star and Tv actor Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife has spoken about the domestic abuse she faced at the hands of his husband. In a shocking Facebook post, Fatema told that she had caught her husband cheating and when confronted he started beating her brutally despite her being pregnant.

In her post, she also stated that on the eve of their son’s birth Mohsin visited hospital two days after the delivery and that too to take the pictures of the newborn and to later post them on social media.

Social Media Bashing Mohsin Abbas Haider

Fatema’s post went instantly viral on social media. Twitter users not only commoners but also the celebrities bashed Mohsin for committing the heinous act of domestic abuse. The actor’s fans were shocked how he was not good in his dealings with his wife despite his image of a nice and decent man in the showbiz industry.

The actor Gohar Rasheed revealed that he was a second-hand witness to the domestic abuse that Fatema faced as his friend had taken her to the hospital once in 2018 she was beaten by Mohsin.

As per this Twitter user, Mohsin even barred his wife Fatema from working with a news channel.

The news is just puke-worthy.

Ironically Mohsin had attended the Aurat March 2019 too.

Why even people are willing to give him a benefit of doubt? Only because he is a man.

Celebrities Raising Their Voice Against Abuse

Mawra Hocane asked production houses and concerned channels to take serious action against Mohsin Abbas Haider for what he has done to his wife.

Armeena Rana Khan has some wise words to say. She is right to suggest that we better need to work for changing the system instead of going against the individuals that can be counter-productive otherwise.

An Advice for Fatema

Victim blaming is so common when it comes to domestic abuse. Very often people give the oppressor a benefit of doubt and don’t seem willing to believe the oppressed even if he/she has the evidence. Such a response is much visible in MeToo movement of Pakistan, particularly with Meesha Shafi case where more people are standing with Ali Zafar rather than Meesha. Women rights activist and founder of the Digital Rights Foundation Nighat Dad had this advice for Fatema.

It is a very sad fact of our world that a person can be an artist, a singer or appear to be soft-hearted but he still may have no respect for a woman who is her significant other. Domestic abuse faced by women is not something the result of toxic masculinity only. In fact, it has to do a lot with deeply rooted traditions and cultural beliefs that see women as an inferior creature.

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