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Pakistanis React to Molana Tariq Jameel’s Live Prayer

One of the famous Islamic Scholars in Pakistan, Molana Tariq Jameel was invited to offer a prayer at the Prime Minister COVID-19 Relief Fund. PM Imran Khan appeared on 23rd April on all major television channels raising funds for coronavirus victims. This Telethon session managed to raise 550 Million PKR from donations. Here is the prayer that was said to ask forgiveness and demand mercy.

It was a very emotional prayer with a purpose to seek forgiveness and guidance. While there were people who felt equally emotional, some people expressed their dissamy with the way the prayer was offered.

People Called Out Hypocrisy In The Live Prayer By Molana Tariq Jameel

Every islamic scholar has critics, as does Molana Tariq Jameel. He is usually slammed due to the way he gives lectures. People believe that his lectures contain controversial themes that promote misogyny and bigotry. These were some tweets that were later removed due to some reason.

The first two tweets were making fun of Molana Tariq Jameel and implying that prayers cannot eliminate coronavirus. One user mentioned that this is why there are doctors and health professionals working around the clock to stop the spread of pandemic. The third tweet highlights the way Molana describes the revelation and appearance of Hoor (a celestial being). It is perceived as hypersexualization because he describes the process in detail.

People highlighted these things to claim that the Pakistan Government is just playing by inviting hypocritic scholars to pray in order to score some political points.

This user points to the part where Molana used the word “behayi” in prayer. Many people believe that this term is associated with immorality in women while men are given free hand by authorities and religion; If the pandemic is a punishment of activities that were banned by religion then men must be held more responsible than women. 

This user slams Tariq Jameel after thinking that he blamed the pandemic on women’s clothing. There are dire circumstances around the world and people are literally begging for their lives. In such circumstances, blame game is the most dastardly thing.

This Is Why Molana Tariq Jameel Was Criticized For Offering A Prayer

The basis of criticism is the alleged misogynistic comments by Molana Tariq Jameel and the hypersexualization of Hoor. A user posted a tweet that it would be better if people discussed the possible sightings of Allah and Prophet (PBUH) instead of more than 70 Hoors. This tweet also happens to contain a video that includes that speech.

In the video, Molana describes how the celestial being would be revealed to mankind. He describes its appearance which was criticized by people. The problem with Pakistani people is that they exaggerate everything so much that is probably not even there. A celestial being has a completely different physical form than human so it is disgusting and polythetic to connect it with a human female.

People who responded to the critics maintain that they are only sabotaging the positive effects of live prayer by Molana Tariq Jameel as it was a general prayer.

What Did The People Say To Molana’s Critics

Certainly it was a message of peace and harmony for people to come closer during the pandemic and repent. But, it created further divisions between the people of Pakistan.

There was a big confusion regarding the misogynistic comments by Molana Tariq Jameel. The word “beheyai” offended some people due to the perception that it related to women’s clothing in some way. However, this user explains that behayai was not a gender specific term and definitely not related to women’s clothing. Beheyai included non-marital sex, sexual harassment, rape, child abuse, homosexuality, and physical objectification.

Another user explaine that the prayer was equally meant for men and women to ask forgiveness for the crimes they committed against humanity.

Overall the decision of live prayer by Molana Tariq Jameel might not have been a good idea because no matter how noble the cause is, it can easily become a victim of politicization.

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