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Worth Watching Moments of FIFA World Cup 2018 Final

The exciting event of FIFA World Cup 2018 has finally come to an end. The entire tournament was thrilling enough to keep the fans on edges. While the FIFA World Cup 2018 final presented a pure essence of the event in term of excitement as everything about it was just amazing.

The entertaining FIFA World Cup 2018 final was a tremendous goal scorer as France beat Croatia with 4-2.

Iconic Moments of FIFA World Cup 2018 Final

Let’s have a look at what were those moments that defined FIFA World Cup 2018 final between France and Croatia a worth-watch.

Controversial Perisic Handball

Croatia goalscorer Perisic’s handball that awarded France a penalty was the most debatable moment of FIFA World Cup 2018 final. Fans are talking if Perisic deliberately touched his hand with football or it was by chance. In fact, most of the soccer lovers were debating over whether the referee was right to award a penalty to France or not.

Final Was Indeed An Essence of Entire Tournament

Superb Performance by Teenager Kylian Mbappe

With special mention to team England a team with most of the players under the age of 25, the performance of the youngsters has remained the talk of the town. France teenage player Kylian Mbappe just became the second teenage player to score in a world cup final after Pele. He made a meaningful contribution to France’ win in FIFA world cup 2018 final and set the scoreboard to 4-2.

The goal made Kylian Mbappe eventually win the young player award.

An Own Goal by Mario Mandzukic

Croatian player Mario Mandzukic became the first player in football world cup history to score an own goal.

A French Team Advocating Diversity

A diverse football team leading France to win FIFA World Cup 2018 final is also a major take away of the event. People are saying that France whose team is made up of more than 78% Africans and 50 % Muslims should now see a reason to combat racism.

A Tournament of 32 Diverse Nations

Even a look at FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule was enough to prove how exciting tournament was going to be. 32 teams that qualified for the competition included four Arab nations, four African nations, Latin American nations, and a mix of Eastern European and Western European and Nordic countries. Interestingly, Italy, the fourth time world cup winner couldn’t qualify for the tournament.

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