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These Money Heist Season 5 Twists will Amaze Fans Big Time

The upcoming Money Heist season 5 is likely to be a blast due to the particular unfolding of suspenseful scenes at the end of part 4. The new yet assumably final part of the Spanish Netflix series will reveal some of the most exciting events which most of the enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for since the end of the last series.  

What to Expect from Money Heist Season 5

In light of the previous season, irony played a huge role at the end of the show as many events went south and made fans even more curious about the 5th and supposedly the finale of the show. Since certain team members lost lives including Nairobi, many of the show lovers think that Denver might join the departed ones in the coming part as a consequence of a fight.  

Moreover, the ending of the last part also foreshadowed the alliance of two masterminds: the professor and Alicia. Those who keenly observed must have heard her singing Bella Ciao, the title track of the show. Besides, Alicia will likely help the team get out of the big mess that they have been stuck in. 

When fans can Expect Money Heist season 5 arrival? 

As per the hint given by ‘La Casa De Papel’ (Money heist) on social media accounts, season 5 is confirmed to hit Netflix. However, the exact release date of Money Heist season 5 isn’t disclosed yet. Thus, the admirers of the season will have to wait a bit longer for the final date. 

Besides, ‘Netflix updates’ revealed that the upcoming season will be released in August 2021 but hasn’t given the final date yet. 

Who Are The New Characters To Join The Show?

The show is among the top 6 upcoming Netflix series of 2021 due to numerous reasons. Some of the aspects that make this particular masterpiece a work of art are the characters showing their potential to the fullest in acting.   

Additionally, aside from the regular chaos, crimes, and thrill expected in the forthcoming show, Money Heist season 5 is reportedly introducing a new intellectually brilliant villain, Miguel Ángel Silvestre. He is a Spanish actor known for his popular on-screen work. He will probably be a perfect competitor to the Professor. Also, Patrick Criado, a versatile Spanish actor is believed to be making an appearance in the coming part as a team member.

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