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Most Corrupt Country in the World 2017

There are a lot of corrupt countries in the world that pop up in mind. But the world corruption monitoring bodies name Nigeria as one of the most corrupt countries in 2017. It is the country’s biggest challenge to overcome. Unfortunately, the presence of malpractices makes it the most corrupt country.

Overview of the Most Corrupt Country in the World

Nigeria has the most populous country among all African nations. Transparency International among other institutes recognizes the presence of high-level of corruption in the country. It is not easy to live in a country notorious for dishonesty, cheating, and injustice.

When you belong to a corrupt country, you do not get any respect within your country. People from a corrupt country are also perceived the same way when they go to other nations, even if they are honest. The label their country gets keeps following them wherever they go in the world.

The last decade and a half have seen Nigeria changing rankings as the most corrupt country in the world. Despite the change in government in 2015, the nation still struggles to find the right path.

Here is a look at the different places in Nigeria with widespread corruption.

Internet Frauds

There is a negative perception about the Nigerian scams throughout the world. Almost all of us have received once in our lives that email where the widow of a King is offering X millions of dollars if you choose to marry her. This kind of spam does not originate at this massive level from any other country of the world. The young Nigerian graduates who are not able to find jobs resort to these sorts of illicit activities. They trick their victims in so many different types of scams from job offers to sell them gold at throw away price and what not. Internet frauds negatively add to Nigeria’s corruption perception index.

Nigerian Football

Nigeria has an excellent football team with a lot of talent to perform better at the major events. However, unlike other good teams, the player selection does not take place on merit. Instead, you need to know someone within the influential politicians of the country to get selected. When the real talent does not come on top, it creates frustration among good players who can give some amazing performances.

Police Force

Most Corrupt Country in the World 2017The law enforcement agencies play a significant role in maintaining law and order. They are supposed to punish the criminal elements of the society and assist in implementing justice. However, the police force of Nigeria does the exact opposite. The officers take bribes, harass innocent prison inmates, and use threats and intimidation. The corrupt practices of Nigerian police have made it hard for the public to trust them. Now, the public is even suspicious of those police officers who abide by the law and honestly performing their duties. Police must play its role to help Nigeria get rid of the tag of most corrupt country in the world.


Politicians can play a significant role in eliminating corruption. Nigeria remains the most corrupt country in the world because its politicians are not playing any role. The Senate &  the House of Representatives, do not undertake any active efforts to eradicate corruption. The dishonest use of public funds is one example of corruption by the political elite of Nigeria. The embezzled funds go into foreign bank accounts, taking the capital out of the country’s economy. Politicians of the country keep it high on the corruption index.

Educational Institutes

Even the country’s educational institutes are not spared of the corruption. One prime example is harassment of the women students by professors to get good marks. There is a lack of research and academic progress of the educational institutes. Corruption leads to misuse of funds allocated for research work. Some students get accepted into universities on merit. There are others who do not qualify on merit. The wealthy parents of these spoiled students buy their children a place even if they fail to qualify for it.

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