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7 of the Most Expensive Nike Shoes Sold Ever

Nike and iPhone both have one thing in common. Both have versions priced so high that potential buyers often think them worth selling a kidney for. At least this is what we can assume from the prices of most expensive Nike shoes sold ever.

Top Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Just have a look at these prices, and you will be awestruck. Like, seriously! Who spends thousands of dollars on a single pair of shoes, when its price can pay university fee for a student? Well, we are not here to debate about the menace of capitalistic society, nor we intend to give you a lecture on Marxism and philosophy which drives it. All we want to tell you is what was so unique about those most expensive Nike shoes sold ever.

  1. Solid Gold Ovo Air Jordans

Have you ever thought what an amount of 2 million dollars could buy? You must have imagined buying a car, a home, a luxurious trip to an exotic resort or investing in some business venture. But you will rarely think buying a pair of Nike sneakers worth $2 million unless you are billionaire. And, you heard it right, Solid Gold Ovo Air Jordans were sold with $2 million to the rapper Drake, and the price is even more than stand-up comedian Bryan Callen’s net worth.

The unique feature of these sneakers is that they are manufactured with the 24k gold pair, and each of them weighs almost 50 pounds. Well, that’s crazy as these shoes don’t make for a comfortable foot ware.

  1. Nike Air Mag

Nike Air Mag has a price which is high enough to make an ordinary man think if he should save for the latest version of an Android smartphone or top up his collection of sneakers with a new pair of shoes. As per 2011, Nike Air Mag was priced at $37,500 at times of initial auction, making the product one of the most expensive Nike shoes sold ever. The brand reportedly sold 1.510 pairs of the sneakers to raise money for Michael J. Fox Foundation. British rapper Tinie Tempah was the first to buy a pair worth $37,500 and boost his already sizeable collection of sneakers. The rapper wore also wore those shoes, despite reportedly promising not to wear them.

  1. Worn Air Jordan

Here we have another Air Jordan pair on the list. But, this one was worn by the legendary Michael Jordan during his NBA games. The shoes made him win his fifth championship with Chicago Bulls. The sneakers that were signed by the Jordan remained within a ballboy Preston Truman who kept them untouched for almost 16 years. He auctioned those shoes in 2013 for $104,000. Therefore, it was the resale value of this Air Jordan pair that makes them one of the most expensive Nike shoes ever, for their association with Michael Jordan.

  1. Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1

Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 has a price in five-figure not because they are rare but for an apparent reason that they are covered with diamonds. The second reason that makes Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 to have a price of $50,000 is that American rapper, songwriter, and actor Big Boi had auctioned them to raise money for Big Kids Foundation.

  1. Air Yeezy 1 Grammy

Fire and Fury skit at Grammys 2018 must have been a talk of the town this year. But, in 2008 these were the Kanye’s Nike Air that captured the attention of masses. In fact, Kanye’s sneakers were a distraction from his solo Stronger that he performed on the stage at that night. Air Yeezy when finally released had a hefty price tag of $50,000 making them one of the most expensive Nike shoes sold ever.

  1. Air Jordan 4

Nike created Air Jordan 4 with a collaboration of Carhartt and auctioned them with the help of Eminem. The limited edition sneakers that had only ten pairs were sold in an eBay auction. A unique feature of the shoes were the Slim’s lyrics written over the coat. Nike sold one pair of Air Jordan 4 sneakers with $31. 400 which is also the approximately an average price of midrange smartphone one can buy in 2018. The company raised overall $227,000 in charity with the auctions of Air Jordan 4 and donated the amount to music school of Michigan State University.

  1. Nike Dunk High Wu-Tang

And, here we have a Nike Dunk Wu-Tang collaboration. Those funky yellow Dunks that had Wu logo near heal were again a limited edition. They indeed made for one of the most expensive Nike shoes ever sold but they were not as costly that only richest models in the world could afford to buy them. Yes, sneaker enthusiasts who could nurture their passion for a top-class shoe passion could buy a pair with $15,000.


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