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Most Watched YouTube Video Baby Shark Throws Despacito Out of Picture

YouTube is the platform where people post thousands of videos on daily basis. Among those videos, some are listed as top-ranking videos due to the number of views. According to the latest update considering the views, Baby shark song is now the most watched YouTube video with 7.4 Billion views. The song is grasping the attention of almost the entire population of the world, since the total population is 7.8 billion. 

Why is Baby Shark Most Watched YouTube Video

With 7.4 billion views, Baby shark song has become the most viewed YouTube video. 

Baby shark is a song for young children and kids. It was uploaded in 2016 on YouTube as a nursery rhyme, which wasn’t very catchy. Later, a 10-year-old Korean-American kid sang it and made it globally popular. If one listens to the song, supposedly, he/she might find it quite amusing due to its rhythm, lyrics and sound.

Presumably, this is the reason why children like it so much that they repeatedly watch it. Although, there might be more reasons why the song became very famous and gained the highest viewers rate on YouTube. One of the reasons might involve those parents who understand the song’s quality in terms of keeping their kids occupied. The kids must love it, as they watch the video over and over again and don’t disturb their parents during their work. Even the babies find it attractive due to the motion pictures, cartoons, and bright colors in the video. All in all, the song is catchy enough to grab listeners’ attention. 

Baby Shark Song Beats Despacito and Other Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

There are thousands of songs on YouTube with good views and fan following. Among those songs, Despacito used to be number one with the highest views of 7.4B views. After Despacito, the popular song shape of you was the most watched video with 5.05B views. Before that, in 2017, the song See You Again by Wiz Khalifa surpassed Gangnam Style. However, Now, the kid’s favorite song Baby shark has earned the position of the most watched YouTube video ever by beating many popular and trending songs. 

Reaction to Baby Shark Topping the Most Watched Video Chart

The song Baby Shark is the most-watched YouTube video because it is equally popular amog adults. It seems like they are enjoying the competition between the Baby shark and other songs; for instance, Despacito in particular. 


While fans are rejoicing the fact that their favorite video has made it to the top there are those who are astonished at the act that a nursery rhyme ha surpassed the likes of Despacito. Well, one reason for Baby Shark being the most watched YouTube video can be attributed to the lockdown due to coronavirus. Since many parents had to work from home they needed to divert the attention of their kids to some entertaining stuff, and Baby Shark was surely one such option. 

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