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Aussie MP Craig Kelly Gets Blasted for Denying Climate Change

The effects of climate change are starting to manifest all over the world and to deny the existence of such a phenomenon is idiotic. This is exactly what MP Craig Kelly did and Aussies are taking him to town over this.

MP Craig Kelly Under Fire

While appearing on the morning show the Aussie MP Craig Kelly despite the obvious facts and figures denied climate change and claimed that the devastating bushfires reaping through the outback were started by humans. He further denied that the use of fossil fuels played a major role in climate change.

The host of the morning show Piers Morgan and her co-host Laura Tobin clapped at the Aussi MP for saying such a foolish thing. After the show ended the Craig posted a rude tweet that read “oh no some ignorant Pommie weather girl calls me a climate denier”, he later deleted the tweet.

Anchor’s Response to Craig Kelly

Contrary to Craig’s claim more than half of the lush green forest that once covered Australia has been reduced to ashes.

Millions of rare species that once roamed the outback freely have either perished in the terrible fires or have become critically endangered. Climate scientists present in Australia are extremely concerned and have warned the government that if immediate action is not taken the situation may worsen.

Not The First Time

This isn’t the first time Kelly has come under fire for expressing his views on climate change. Last year the Australian Prime Minister had to intervene to prevent Kelly from further embarrassing himself and Aussie government during one event.

The Aussie government for a long time has been trying to introduce climate change policies but due to the constant opposition of people like Craig, those policies either got rejected or are still under consideration.

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