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MP Mark Field Suspended As Minister for Assaulting Climate Activist

Mark Field, UK Foreign Office minister has been suspended after a video showing him assaulting a climate change protester at a black event at Mansion-house. The video showed Field grabbing the woman from the arm and then neck and escorting her out.

Mark Field Facing Criticism for His Action

There was a mixed response to what Mark Field did at Mansion House. His supporters defended him by arguing that he might have acted by perceiving that woman was armed or she was some assaulter. Well, these arguments were also dismissed considering the strict entry restrictions of the venue.

His actions too many appeared to be highly repulsive and disrespectful as this was not the way an MP was supposed to act.

Nonetheless, the minister has been suspended now.

While people are criticizing the MP, there are also those questioning whether the activists should be allowed to enter the meeting rooms and allowed to behave such a way. The victim who was assaulted by MP was a Greenpeace activist and she was wearing a sash saying “climate emergency”.

The Most Shocking Thing About the Incident

Another thing that grabbed the attention of the masses was the silence of other spectators in the room. It was shocking that when Mark escorted the woman out, no one came to interfere and everyone seemed a silent onlooker.

No one got up to present him from mistreating woman.

While others had this to say

To make things worse, the people who are meant to bridge the gap between the public and the government have already started lobbying for the sitting MP. Journalist and intellectuals of society are expected to protect the public interest. It should be the other way around.

Why Isn’t Jeremy Hunt Taking Action?

Many after this incident are calling on Jeremy Hunt to take strict action against the out of line MP and prove that you are worthy of being called a leader

A man who threw a milkshake at Farage got 150 hours of unpaid work as punishment. What punishment should Mark get for his outrageous behavior?
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