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MQM Leader Altaf Hussian Got Arrested By Scotland Yard

This looks like hell week for many Pakistani politicians and alleged criminals who have done Pakistan wrong. Shortly after Hamza Shahbaz’s arrest by the NAB, the famed Scotland Yard arrested  MQM leader Altaf Hussian from his home in London.

Altaf Hussian and MQM

For a long time, NAB and other securities agencies of Pakistan have been wanting to arrest Altaf Hussain for committing some of the most heinous crimes known to men.The founder of MQM has been wanted for his criminal involvement in extortion, murder, and target killing.

The party mostly operates in the Sindh region of Pakistan and has won multiple elections, generating a stronghold in the area.

For years people have wanted to see Altaf Hussian and other corrupt politicians of Pakistan in jail, but it seemed that this dream would not be realized until today when four of them have been sent to jail.

Experts View On The Arrest

According to some experts, the Altaf Hussain often called as Altaf Bhai Is very well embedded in some of the most powerful and influential circles in the world. These circles have been known to have a strong connection in London and Washington, so it is imperative that steps are taken to counter there influence if they decide to act in his defense.

While others had this to say.

After the arrest of MQM leader party workers have taken to the streets in both Pakistan and London in protest. They are demanding the release of their beloved Altaf  Bhai at once.

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