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MS Dhoni May Not be Retiring from Cricket as It Seems

A recent social media posting by Virat Kholi who is currently the captain of the Indian team tweeted a picture from the T20 World Cup in 2016 showing him and MS Dhoni batting. Since then rumors of Dhoni’s retirement from cricket engulfed the social media which people found upsetting.

Is MS Dhoni Really Retiring?

Mahindra SinghDhoni is considered to be one of the best wicket keepers and an outstanding batsman with an exceptional captaincy record. He is considered a demi-god of cricket by many Indians who have led Indian to many victories.

After Virat’s tweet, rumors spread like wildfire that MS Dhoni is retiring. This came as a shock to everyone as no official announcement was made by the BCCI, which is the cricket board of India. These rumors were later shut down by the BCCI

Indians Are Ticked At The Person Who Spread The Rumor

After realizing that Dhoni retiring was a rumor Indians started demanding that the person who started these rumors should be subjected to harsh treatment so that no one dares to spread such rumors.

My Husband Is Not Retiring

Sakshi Singh, the lovely wife of Dhoni in a tweet confirmed that MS is not retiring and will continue to serve India as one of the best cricketers.

Amidst all this commotion, some people wondered what would be going through MS’s mind after finding out about his retirement rumors that have been going around.

Another reason that might have fueled the spread of this rumor could be Dhoni’s absence from the Indian cricket squad that will be playing the upcoming three-day test match. Instead of him, Rohit Sharma has been selected as the opener.

To prevent the further spread of this rumor, some people took a vow of silence and swore not to talk about Dhoni’s retirement.

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