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Mufti Qavi Video Refreshes Sad Memory of Qandeel Baloch

Controversial Pakistani cleric, Abdul Qavi has once again gone viral due to obscene video content. He can be seen masturbating in a video call and making strange facial expressions with someone, who recorded the entire show. Mufti Qavi Video has been facing huge backlash on social media since yesterday (June 22, 2021). This cleric is notoriously known for vulgarity and harassing women while supporting conservative views against them in public. The first time his duality came to light was due to the late Pakistani internet personality Qandeel Baloch. The rebellious model exposed Qavi as a hypocrite who furthers his own interests in the name of Islam.

The disgraced cleric was eagerly persuading Baloch and even admitted his attraction towards her publicly. Then while speaking to the media, he denied his advances and said that she was like a daughter to him and he was trying to bring her to the right path. Then within one month time, Qandeel was killed by her brother.

Mufti Qavi Video Disgusted the Audience

The cold-blooded murder of an innocent girl angered the entire nation. Qavi was also one of the 5 suspects in Qandeel’s murder besides the killer. However, no such fate befell the corrupt cleric. In fact, his videos of sexual nature kept on coming on the internet.

This recent one received heavy criticism with many viewers were feeling like gouging their eyes out or puking right on their screens.

Not his First Rodeo

Many other models have exposed him multiple times before this new Mufti Qavi video. Earlier this year, popular TikToker Hareem Shah was also seen slapping him in a viral video. Shah said that Qavi had used indecent language and tried sexual advances for which he got slapped on the face.

It showed how dangerous Abdul Qavi can be around women, still, there were no concrete actions against him. This pain is excruciating for the folks because an Islamic figure routinely insults the religion but only women are prone to the extreme response by so-called religion advocates.

The majority of Pakistanis have remembered how Qandeel was always right about him and his supporters remained blind and kept on judging her wrongly. Folks were wondering now what would be the opinion of so-called defenders of Islam after another leaked Mufti Qavi video.

Why Abdul Qavi is Not Implicated for his Wrongdoings?

When Mufti Qavi was acquitted of playing a role in Qandeel’s murder, his supporters showered him with rose petals and claimed it was so out of line to even charge him. They portrayed him as a flawless character which was indeed a false claim. However, when his other questionable videos started to appear on social media, his supporters never said anything about his high position. If there was a woman in his place or any other professional, the reaction would certainly have been outrageous. Moreover, another Islamic cleric named Aziz ur Rahman was recently arrested for turning a boy into a rape slave inside Madrassa. He was the same person who attacked Film and Tv star Saba Qamar for shooting a song video inside Mosque. Citizens were wondering if the state would treat these hypocrites the same way it treats women. Even PM Imran Khan mentioned that women’s clothes were the cause of sexual temptation in men, so some were getting back at him too.

One of the reasons could be religious manipulation which starts with the word “Mufti”. Anyone with this title holds the legal authority in Islam to issue a formal opinion after an inquiry from an individual or a judge. Even though his family claimed to strip away the title of “Mufti” from his name, he kept on escaping accountability. Viewers are concerned that if this carries on, it would be impossible to indict those hiding behind a religious persona.

Qavi has openly admitted to Hareem Shah about drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and having parties. Yet, the Pakistani people felt more threatened by Qandeel Baloch than a vile person sitting on a valuable position in Islam. The late-model was Pakistan’s first celebrity via social media and an inspiration for many other aspiring models.

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