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Sajid Ali, Son of Ali Sadpara Confirms Father’s Death

Muhammad Ali Sadpara, the renowned Pakistani mountaineer, went climbing the second-highest mountain of the world, K2, and never came back. On February 5, 2021, he went missing along with other mountaineers John Snorri of Iceland and John Peblo Mohr of Chile. Sadpara’s son Sajid had come back from the bottleneck after his oxygen regulator reportedly failed. He waited for his father and team for hours but came down when they didn’t come. The rescue mission by Pakistan armies continued for days but failed to probe the mountaineer. On February 18, Thursday Sajid Ali Sadpara the son of Ali Sadpara confirmed in a press conference that his father had died.

The Death of Ali Sadpara

Sajid Sadpara confirmed the death of his father and fellow mountaineers via a press conference. He tweeted about this sad news and requested the nation to pray for the deceased.

Apart from Sajid Ali Sadpara the press conference was attended by the families of climbers and Gilgit-Baltistan’s tourism minister.

The mountaineers who now have been declared dead were last time spotted on the bottleneck area of the K2. The rescue operation for the team had continued for 10 straight days in order to bring him to safety.

Pakistanis Pay Tribute to Muhammad Ali Sadpara

Since February 6, when the news about the missing of Ali Sadpara and his fellow mountaineers had gone viral, Pakistanis were praying for their safe return. They were expressing their concern through social media and paying him tribute in poetry. The Pakistani Singer Ali Zafar even sang the famous song “Tum Ko Paharoun Ki Kasam” to remember him.
Sadpara who hailed from a village in Skardu had started his work as a potter. According to reports, he was part of the summit on which he went missing, as a high altitude potter since he had failed to secure funding.

The mountaineer had also reportedly conquered eight of the world’s highest mountains including Nanga Parbat.
Apart from the public singing praises for him, and Ali Zafar singing a song in his memory, the singer Abrar ul Haq has announced to open a school and a mountaineering training academy in Sadpara’s village.

A few days back, Pakistanis were hoping for the safe return of Sadpara. However, the same admirers are now flooding the social media with poetry and sad quotations in his memory.

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