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Muhammad Amir Faces Backlash Over Test Match Retirement

Muhammad Amir has been facing constant backlash over his decision to retire from test cricket at age 27. Most cricketing experts consider this an ideal age to play test match cricket and make a name for by going up against some of the best teams.

Why is Muhammad Amir Facing Backlash?

Ex-cricketer and fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar while commenting on the matter said” his decision to retire at such a young age is nothing but a disappointment. Pakistan has invested so much in him, now when it’s time to prove himself and do something for Pakistan he’s stepping down. 27-28 is the optimum age to play test cricket and prove yourself.”

For a long time, Pakistan has been using Amir as there trump card. He has lead Pakistan to multiple victories as a result of his outstanding bowling. His absence from test match cricket is a huge loss for Pakistan especially when it is going up against top dogs like Australia and the CWC 2019 champion England.   

Why are the good Ones Retiring?

Over the years Muhammad Amir has developed a massive international fan following. Like many Pakistanis, they too are shocked and surprise.  People who should take retirement are still playing, and those who are preforming are retiring which is nonsense.

Other senior players think he has made the correct decision to retire from test cricket as it is a very demanding thing. To sacrifice your white-ball cricket ranking for test cricket is ludicrous. He has a greater tendency to play white-ball cricket and serve his country better by doing so.

Some Senior Players Just Wished Him All the Best

The way Amir was trending on twitter gave some fans the impression that he too has become a part of some scandal like his colleague.

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