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Musharraf Got Accompanied By Rajiv Shukla And Sheikh Zaroni During Pak vs Ind.

We all have this rough idea that Pakistan and India match not only involves the egos but the politics as well. After all the drama which was created before regarding the defeat, which Pakistan has faced twice from India during Asia cup 2018. Here is another interesting news which came out in the form of a picture when Chairman IPL Rajeev Shukla was enjoying with his buddy Pakistan’s Former President and chief of army staff yet the lawbreaker, Pervaiz Musharraf.

Musharraf Provoking The Multiculturalism, Like Really?

Now the point here is that Musharraf was seen with his Cuban cigar and trendy dressing. He was relaxing with the mates while watching the teams playing. Pakistan’s famous satirist and cultural critic, Nadeem Farooq Paracha tweeted the most amazing statement regarding Musharraf’s combination with all the other men present in the picture.


Musharraf’s Stance Regarding India

We all know that our ex-president usually speaks against neighboring country India on their own news channels. The former army chief Pakistan has never promoted India and in fact, he has always reacted very bluntly, but what happened now?


Musharraf’s stance was so prominent and visually in this video which he made especially for the Indian channels. Now if we revise our memory we will recognize that Rajeev Shukla himself was a former minister in India. The point here is that on one hand, Musharraf is on the side of Pakistan and on the other hand they both are enjoying quality time without speaking about boundaries.

Supreme Court Pakistan

Supreme court of Pakistan has announced that Musharraf should clear his stance regarding the case which has been filed against him regarding NRO. But from his council, Akhter Shah replied that

“Musharraf can return if restrictions are not imposed on his travel.”

Now in the response to this, Justice Nisar asked if rules and laws different for Musharraf from other people of Pakistan? Musharraf needs to clear the stance over his return. After this remark, the court’s hearing was adjourned for a weak.

Musharraf’s Donation

The former president also didn’t keep himself off that Dam donation episode. has also announced funds of worth Rs. 15 Million for the dam formation in Pakistan. Maybe this effort of the former president won’t help him get out of the case but still, he is better than Altaf Bhai though!.

Yet if the former president is not guilty then he should return to Pakistan, fight his case and defend himself. His continuous ignorance towards this scenario is depicting a wrong image of him in front of the nation and the wrong image of this nation in front of the world.

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