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This Muslim Guy Hires Billboards to Find a Wife

When someone wants to look for a partner, they usually go to a coffee shop, a bar, or even a dating app but not this guy. Muhammad Malik from the UK adopted a new method to find a wife before his family could set him up in an arranged marriage. He made the prospects aware of his availability by putting up advertisements on billboards across the streets of London and Birmingham. The billboards contain a picture of Malik lying sideways with words “Save me from an arranged marriage” written prominently. It also featured the link to his website, specially created to serve this purpose. The website also has an application form, and according to the reports, he has already received around 100 submissions.

He Wants to Find a Wife on His Own

Malik said that he was not entirely against the idea of an arranged marriage. He acknowledged that arranged marriages had a special place and custom in several Islamic cultures. There are also some studies that support that arranged marriages can have many advantages for the couple. However, Malik wanted to check if he could find a wife on his own rather than relying on arranged marriage. The 29-year-old explained on his website that how difficult it was to get seen by a girl out there.

What Is He Looking for?

Malik wants to find a wife who is a Muslim woman, ideally in her 20s and striving to learn Islam. He said he was open to any ethnicity as long as she could put up with his loud Punjabi family, who loved to banter. The candidate also made it clear that he was the only child taking care of his mom and dad so, if it was not acceptable for the girl, then the marriage wouldn’t work. He said he preferred “personality and faith” more than anything else.

Malik also confirmed that he had met several women through dating apps and dating events, but it made him feel “awkward”. Then a friend suggested Malik advertise himself, which he did. There was some resistance from the family, but he finally managed to convince them.

YouTube Advertisement

Besides having billboards and a website, he also advertised his wishes in a YouTube video to clarify that he wanted to find a wife for real, and it wasn’t a joke.

Malik said that he was overwhelmed about the applications he received and hadn’t thought about that part yet. However, he intended to respond to all “genuine” applications after going through them all. The billboard advertisements will reportedly stay till 14 January 2022.

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