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Nike Introduces Swimwear For Muslim Women

New Nike swimwear specially for Muslim sportswomen who wear Hijab or like to dress modestly is making waves. This is not the first time sports ware company has differentiated its products on the basis of religion. Earlier in March 2017, Nike had introduced Hijab for Muslim women athletes.

Nike lunges Into Modesty Swimwea

Martha Moore the head of creative designs at Nike while talking to the media said “on my travel around the world I often know Muslim women sitting near swimming pools or the sea side but never once did I ever see them enter the pool”.

“This got me thinking why? So me and my team started doing research on and ultimately developed the this swim suit. “she added

After a lot of trial and errors the sport company finally managed to design a swim suit that meet all the social and religious requirements while at the same time allowed Muslim women to excel at swimming. The conventional definition of modest wears that exists in the West is very much different from that of the East.

Muslim Concept Of Modesty And Western Concept Modesty Differ

According to Eastern understanding of modesty or Muslim culture a female is should wear lose cloths that do not highlight the curves or figure of the body and must keep herself covered from head to toe. The western concept contrary to the eastern definition of modesty means that a women can wear anything as long as the society does not consider it to be disrespectful.

Various Muslim athletes while commenting on the new swimwear expressed great joy and welcomed the step taken by the company. Some even expressed their willingness to model the new Nike swimwear if required.

Here Is What Nike Swimwear Is All About?

The new swimwear consists of a hijab, a long shirt that is water proof and last but not lease long water proof trousers. This swimsuit may also appeal to orthodox Jewish women who have similar cultural values to those of Muslim women. The swimsuit will be available for purchase this February.

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