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Was Police Involved in the Killing of Myra Zulfikar?

A UK national, Myra Zulfikar was found in a pool of her own blood on 3rd May at her Defense Lahore residence. According to reports, she was shot in the neck and arm. During the investigation, it appeared that the victim had already submitted an application in the Defense B police station saying a man wanted to kill her. As usual, Police gave her a cold shoulder and ignored her concerns. Pakistani police did not even take her written application seriously which clearly indicated that a couple of men were giving her death and rape threats.

Pakistani Police Refuses to Offer Protection

According to the reports, the girl was friends with two men and both wanted to marry her. When she rejected them, they resorted to criminal activities which is why she went to the police for help. The deceased girl pleaded with the police to protect her life from both of these men displaying criminal tendencies. Unfortunately, the police did not do anything and the public reckoned that it was because of the patriarchal benefit of the doubt that powerful men receive in every walk of life. Myra’s case showed that this also leads a man to walk away from serious crimes like death and rape threats, and even after the murder.

Violence against women, children, and minority is a common practice in Pakistan, and in some families, it is not even considered violence. Therefore, folks were concerned that even the Police, which is a so-called security detail for the city, could not do anything to curb the power of dangerous men.

Police Pushes Criminal’s Side of The Story

Instead of recording the confession and processing the case quickly, the Police inquired about the suspects in a civilized manner. Indeed, Pakistani police usually appear brutalizing different people in media reports but those people are mostly those who do not have connections at higher places. Here, it is not clear how powerful the suspects were but as residents of Defense Lahore (housing project of Pakistani military), one can rationalize.

Police had the audacity to say that the victim irked the killer by posting his objectionable photos on social media during the conflict between friends. Police also said that some unknown men attacked Jadoon on behalf of Myra Zulfikar. However, this narrative did not change the public belief about Pakistani men who value their ego more than a woman’s life.

British Associates of Myra Regret Her Coming to Pakistan

Even the people who knew Myra in the UK were disgusted at how Pakistan treated her. A country that prides itself on hospitality, simply watched an innocent girl get slain by the collective power of worthless men. The police will of course get away easily after rejecting the application of a victim that later ended up dead.

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A I Butt
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