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Mysterious Case of Missing Indian Commandos

Trainee Commandos from one of India’s most elite Jungle Warfare suddenly disappeared. These Indian commandos came from a fresh batch which was about to report to duty in a rebel-infested area.

These Trainee Indian Commandos were going to the eastern Indian state of Bihar. They were traveling on the train. This elite team of Indian Commandos went off the radar without informing their senior Indian Army Officers.

The 59 Commands of the Indian Jungle Warfare got off from the train as soon as it stopped for a moment. This escape created an embarrassing situation for the Indian Armed forces under fire for viral videos showing frustration with the senior Indian High Command.

The Investigation Against Missing Indian Commandos

The paramilitary force to which the missing Indian Commandos belonged is said to have launched an investigation against them. The entire senior command is still in shock over how these Indian Commandos disappeared without anyone taking notice of the situation.

These missing Indian Commandos were to report to duty in an area famous for the Maoist rebels. The Indian Maoist Rebels are considered the most potent internal security threat to India. The region’s thick forest provides a perfect cover for these rebels to hide and regularly launch guerrilla attacks against the Indian Army.

The Independent Struggle of the Indian Maoist Rebels

The Indian Maoist Rebels say that they are fighting oppressive Indian rule to get land, jobs, and basic human rights of which they have been deprived.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a hard stance against these rebels. He wants to improve the relations with the Maoist Rebels by offering development funds and improving the governance.

Reasons for the Frustration in Indian Army

During the last few weeks many new videos of the Indian Army Soldiers have surfaced online. Most of these soldiers are not happy with the behavior of their seniors. Some of them complain about the poor quality food severed to them. India has announced a 10 percent budget increase in its defense. However, it remains to be seen if that budget would only be spent on upgrading military hardware or the Indian Army Soldiers’ lives would also see any meaningful change in their quality of life.

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