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Over 100 NAB Officials Dismissal Expected

A Scrutiny Committee led by Established Secretary Tahir Shahbaz served a show-cause notice to more than 100 NAB officials. Consequently, the lack of experience to deal with white-collar crime can result in over 100 NAB officials dismissal.

The notices are served to NAB officials working at different seniority levels. While, some of the officials given the notices are working at the Director’s post who need to submit their replies within a week’s time.

Background to NAB Officials Dismissal

The prelude notices to eventual NAB officials dismissal comes in the backdrop of the Panama case and remarks of the highest court in the country. These National Accountability Bureau officials involve those who were investigating corruption cases.

Report Presented by Established Secretary

The Established Secretary represented a report to the Supreme Court to take action against the controversial appointments of officials in NAB. Most of all, the report pointed to the fact these officials lacked the required investigative experience to look into the matters involving corruption.

Four DGs of NAB Not Meeting Required Criteria

Over 100 NAB Officials Dismissal Expected.The four DGs of NAB holding key posts also lacked the experience required to do the jobs, according to the Establishment Secretary properly.

  • Hussain Ahmad working as DG Headquarters
  • Zahir Shah working as DG Operations
  • Altaf Bawany working as DG Karachi
  • Retired Brig Farooq Naser Awan working as DG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Hussain Ahmad got inducted in 2004. He worked as 19 Grade SDO until promoted to Grade 21. He hid the facts of getting discharged from the military on disciplinary grounds.

Zahir Shah joined as a teacher serving in Grade 19 and promoted to Grade 21 in April 2013.

Altaf Bawany joined NAB operations back in 2004 in Grade 19; and later promoted to grade 21 in April 2013. He also served on the Board of Investment before joining the accountability bureau.

Brig Farooq Naseer Awan joined NAB from Engineering branch of the Army. He became DG in April 2013 and given Grade 21. He was responsible for investigating into matters related to inquiries, financial crimes, media, research, and investigation.

SC On NAB Chairman and PTI’s Reference

Earlier, the Supreme Court of Pakistan compared National Accountability Bureau with the character of Dr. Faustus who had sold his soul in Dr. Faustus.

“In Christopher Marlowe’s play ‘Doctor Faustus’ Doctor Faustus had sold his soul to Lucifer (the Devil) for a temporary worldly gain which had ultimately led to his perpetual damnation and it appears that in the present case respondent No. 2 had also decided to act similarly for the purpose of repaying his benefactor. Such a possibility of the Chairman, National Accountability Bureau being beholden to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly for his appointment and thereby extending favors to them and refusing to proceed against them.”

Pakistan is ranked pretty low regarding transparency among other countries of the world. Government needs to take a lot of measures to remove corruption from Pakistan. Many legal experts see the SC verdict on Panama Case as the first step to reviving the judicial system of Pakistan and perhaps improving accountability standards for everyone. The pressure from the public has led the accountability bureau to take back the plea bargain it offered to Mushtaq Raisani.

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