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Public Enjoys Beat-Up Video of Nadeem Nani Wala in Viral Video

Recently, Nadeem Nani Wala, the TikTok personality was beaten by a group of people in Lahore. They grabbed, abused, beat, and threatened him. Someone in the crowd made the video and posted it on social media and YouTube.

The video was later removed from YouTube, reportedly.

While giving his statement, he mentioned that he might know who planned this beating on him but he instantly refused to make a video of this statement as it will go viral on social media. 

Upon this incident, many social media users trolled him and appreciated those who took a chance to teach him a brutal lesson. 

Why was Nadeem Nani Wala Allegedly Beaten?    

As many of the general public, social media, and YouTube users know that in November, Nadeem Nani Wala leaked video faced a lot of criticism. Many despised him and abused him on social media for his leaked video.

As per many views, the group of people beat him because of his way of gaining views. Some say that Nadeem leaked his video to get attention and come in the trending personalities so that the public could see his recently released song. 

On the contrary, the viewers of the supposed stunt started abusing him for leaking the video. According to several opinions, he played with a girl’s dignity and tried to increase views through this act. That is why those beaters made Nani Wala their victim of anger. 

The Public Is Happy To See Him Take A Beating 

Although, seeing someone in trouble and enjoying it, is not a moral act. However, when this crowd beat Nadeem Nani Wala, many enjoyed it. They said, he had it coming and he should be punished for disrespecting a girl. 

Some even suggested to make him bald and give him a proper taste of beating to make him understand the consequences of his actions. They praised those who victimized Nadeem and taught him a lesson.

Social Media Users Gave Him A Message 

Social media is a platform that allows people to freely express themselves through speaking, acting, and even by their artistic talents. The same platform becomes a curse for those who violate the social and cultural norms and values. 

Nadeem Nani Wala made his audience upset with his acts, therefore, they punished him. However, some of the social media and YouTube users advised him to refrain from such activities. They gave him a message that they warned him about something like this would happen to him if he continued to play with viewers’ respect.   

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