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Naseebo Lal Doesn’t Seem Bothered by Criticism of PSL 6 Anthem

The upcoming Pakistan Super League introduced its anthem sung by Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners. However, as it has become the tradition the PSL6 anthem didn’t go well with the mood of several listeners for many reasons. The disappointed public started flooding social media platforms with negative comments and memes as well. However, the trolling didn’t stop there as a few renowned faces also contributed negativity and disapproval towards the PSL 6 anthem. 

Well, not everyone disliked the song. Several fans of the folk singer Naseebo Lal, not only loved the song but also came out in support of her. They also defended the credibility of singers who expressed their talent through an iconic mix of different genres of Pakistani music.

Naseebo Lal Responds to Criticism on PSL 6 Anthem

Besides, the Pakistani asset, Naseebo Lal also unexpectedly responded to the critics, reportedly.

Seemingly, PSL 2021 Schedule wasn’t the only thing to talk about, the Naseebo Lal song in PSL became the latest hot topic for the Pakistani public. They bashed the singers, setting, music, lyrics, composers, and even PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) for letting it be a part of PSL with sheer cynicism. However, the Pakistani legend Naseebo Lal took the negativity quite well. According to media reports, the folk singer Lal was at a Tv show recently where she was asked to share views regarding the bad comments from the public. As a response, she just sang a few lines from the anthem and appreciated the fact that she was given a chance to sing something different than her usual genre. She thanked those who considered her for the cricket league track.  

Shoaib Akhtar about Naseebo Lal Singing PSL 6 Anthem

Aside from social media users’ disparagement regarding the Naseebo Lal song, the famous Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar, known for his fast bowling, and scathing criticism on any subject matter he considered to be worthy, also slammed the song. He trolled as well as criticized the PSL 6 anthem. His words about the song reflected his disagreement and disappointment with the makers of the Pakistan Super League 6 track. He supposedly made fun of the track by telling how his kids got scared by listening to it. At the end of his speech, he could have done a better job than the song makers, he mentioned.

Mahwish Hayat Bashed The Critics Against PSL Song

Mehwish Hayat, the popular drama and film star of Pakistan sided against the ones trolling and passing sarcastic remarks regarding the Naseebo Lal song ‘Groove Mera’. She despised the way people made PSL 6 Anthem memes

In her view, Pakistani society revolves around stereotypes and reflects an unwelcoming attitude towards anything new to them; especially, when it comes to the entertainment industry. To sum up, she appreciated the song and stated that it was bold and fresh, which is why she loved it.  

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