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Nasir Jamshed Arrested in London with Bookie

Nasir Jamshed, a previous Pakistani Cricketer, and opener for the National Team has been arrested in the UK. Nasir Jamshed arrest was related to the ongoing investigation into the PSL corruption charges. The National Crime Agency released a report about Nasir Jamshed arrest.

The agency said that it was working with PCB and ICC anti-corruption units and both Nasir Jamshed and the bookie Yusuf were released on bail.

The NCA Statement on Nasir Jamshed Arrest

Cricketer Nasir Jamshed ArrestedThe NCA released the following statement regarding the arrest.

“Two men in their thirties have been arrested by National Crime Agency officers in connection with bribery offences as part of an ongoing investigation into international cricket match spot-fixing. The men were arrested on Monday 13 February and have been released on bail until April 2017 pending further enquiries. As part of the ongoing investigation we are working closely with the Pakistan Cricket Board and International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption units. The Pakistan Cricket Board has launched its investigation which has resulted in the suspension of three players.”

The authorities arrested Nasir Jamshed and later released him on bail. Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Lateef were two Pakistani cricket players initially playing in PSL. These two players have been sent back home. PCB and ICC anti-corruption units are already probing the matter involving these players.

PCB and ICC Exchanged Notes on the PSL Corruption Scandal

The PSL Chairman said that they had a lot evidence to act upon. He stated that they knew what these players were doing. The PCB, according to him had all the evidence to act against the corruption.

Mr. Sethi said that PCB anti-corruption unit was collecting some information and so were the ICC anti-corruption staff members. The two entities exchanged notes to find that they both had the same information, which is why they acted upon it.

Here is a tweet by Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi's Tweet about Nasir Jamshed

How Can Corruption Be Eliminated in Cricket?

Corruption in cricketUnfortunately, corruption is nothing new to Pakistan cricket. Despite all that has been done to remove corrupt elements from the Pakistani cricket, all such efforts have miserably failed. Here are some ways to remove corruption from Pakistan cricket.

  • PCB must make an example of all those cricketers who are involved in corruption, regardless of their politic affiliations or contacts.
  • PCB must make all efforts to find the facilitators and intermediaries involved in match-fixing, and they must be given exemplary punishments.
  • Past Pakistani Cricketers whose names were involved in corruption must not be given any designation or involved in any way with Pakistan Cricket.
  • Pakistan Cricket Board must control communications of the players at tours when they are playing crucial matches. They must not be allowed to roam around and mingle with anyone. Otherwise, bookies will keep on luring in Young Pakistani cricketers minds with quick money making opportunities.
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