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Facts About the National Day of Pakistan

March 23 marks the National day of Pakistan. On this eve the nation commemorates the historical event when Moulvi A.K. Fazlul Haq presented the historic Lahore Resolution that later went famous as Pakistan Resolution.

Lahore resolution was drafted during three days session of All India Muslim League that took place at Minto Park (Present day Iqbal Park) Lahore on 22-24 March in 1940.

What was Lahore Resolution

The famous Lahore Resolution leadership of all India Muslim League resolved for a solution where Muslims of the sub-continent had a separate homeland that constituted the areas where they were in majority.

The Lahore resolution didn’t use the term Pakistan but press later termed it as Pakistan Resolution. The leadership of the Muslim League embraced this new term and started referring to it. After, Pakistan resolution began the organized struggle for a separate homeland for the Muslim majority population of the region. Finally, Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947, when British left sub-continent, after dividing it into two parts.

National Day of Pakistan

Now, every year March 23 marks the National Day of Pakistan and a public holiday. The nation celebrates this day with greater zeal and fervour. The main ceremony of the event takes place at constitutional avenue or any other venue in Islamabad. It exhibits the parade by all three forces of Pakistan military, airshow and display of different cultures from the length and breadth of the country. On the same day, Pakistani citizens who have made significant achievements in their fields, receive different civil and military awards from the head of the state.

National Day of PakistanDifference between National Day and Independence Day

Pakistanis celebrate its independence day on 14 August. But, National Day of Pakistan comes on March 23. There is a difference in both these days. On the eve of independence day, nation celebrates the freedom and the fact that it is no more slave to some alien country. On the same day Pakistani people acknowledge their history and pay tribute to the heroes, leaders and those who sacrificed their lives for getting independence. But, on March 23, the nation celebrates its might. It remembers those heroes who were made heroes on the Pakistani soil. It is a day to take into account all those development and progress that the country has made after liberating itself from the clutches of British colonialism.

On the National day of Pakistan, people of the country will get a chance to review if the goal of almost eight decades old Lahore resolution has been achieved or not.

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