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National Pi Day 2018 Special Activities And Decorations

So the world celebrates a day to excavate fun out of otherwise dull subject math. And, it is famous as national pi day. Usually, the event is celebrated on March 14 or 3/14, but this is not the only date to commemorate the National Pi Day 2018.

Fun lovers can celebrate the National Pi Day on three or four different days of the year- this is not the all the event has got a lot more interesting facts,

Let’s have a look at what this pi (π) day is all about.

Origin of National Pi Day and Special Activities

National Pi Day, is not such a common event like Pasadena Rose Bowl parade, but it is indeed much entertaining as well. As the name indicates, the event is an innovation by a physicist, Larry Shaw, who started celebrating this day in 1988 as pi approximation day. The countries that use the mm/dd format of the date, usually mark this day on 14 March or 3/14 as it indicates the first digit of the pi’s decimal value which is (3.14159265.). Pi is an irrational number and expresses the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

But, on the eve of national Pi Day 2018, there is no need to do the mind-boggling calculation. Just keep in mind the things like Pi, Pie, (π) and the figure of 3.14 or 3/14, because you are going to use them for cutting cake and pizzas and making the decorations- which are essentially special activities

On this particular event, celebrations also include eating food that has the world pi in them, like pineapples, pizza or even the cake pies.

National Pi Day 2018

Celebrating National Pi Day 2018

It is already 14 March, and the first day and the first opportunity for observing the National Pi Day 2018.

  1. 22 July- In fraction form, mathematicians write Pi (π) as 22/7. So, countries who write the date in dd/mm format can celebrate this day on 22 July. But, why bother about the date writing format in your state. It is already 22/7, and these should be no excuse for skipping a chance to eat free pizza or to have with friends.
  2. April 5- Now there is no restriction by country. As April 5 represents the time of the year when its 3/14 portion has already passed.
  3. November 10- November 10 or in case of leap year November 9 is the day that marks the 314th day of the year. So, another official date to celebrate National Pi Day 2018 is November 10.

Getting Chance to Eat Pizza

So, eating Pizza, cakes and other delicious food, is going to be one of the amazing facts for students. On the eve of National Pi Day 2018, your nearby Pizza shop might be a right partner in celebration rather than your math teacher and even classmates. In fact, much of the pi day activities include eating pies and not using them in mathematical equations.

If you have not joined any party in the day, or have never been to a competition where you can get to eat some delicious pies, then look for the pi day shits and Pizza deals. You might end up satisfying your taste buds and upgrading your wardrobe with some funky stuff.

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