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How Long is Navy Seal Training?

No military training is ever tough than a navy seal training; it requires a great deal of mental and physical endurance, rather than only an urge to be a navy seal. According to stats, only 1% of the trainees succeed in becoming a seal after successfully tolerating the training.

Who is eligible for navy seal training?

The eligibility criterion for being a navy seal trainee is way too harsh. In specific cases, aspirants might need to make advanced preparation for one whole year, before they apply.

For passing a physical screening test, they would have to meet the following criteria.

  • 500-yard swimming in 9 minutes
  • 50 pushups in 2 minutes
  • 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes
  • 10 pull-ups in 2 minutes
  • 1.5 miles run in 9 minutes

Joining a Boot Camp for Navy Seal Training

The good thing is that aspirants can also enter a Boot Camp in Illinois, held by the navy instructors. While this boot camp that continues for 4-6 months trains a candidate to get in shape, it might not be enough. So, a pre-training is necessary to meet the above-mentioned minimum requirements.

How long is Navy Seal Training?

A navy seal training spans over the time of 6 months only. Those 1% candidates, who manage to pass out undergo further training before their final deployment. According to reports training to become a navy seal is 90% test of mental ability, as trainees experience trials for their ability to withstand severe psychological and physical coercion. A navy seal candidate shouldn’t be more than 28 years old. Earlier, only males could aspire to be a navy seal. Now, women can also be navy seals. Last year, the first woman from the US was inducted into navy seal training, but she dropped out before graduating.

Navy Seal Training

Robust Activities during the Navy Seal Training

Trainees have to go through a lot of challenging tasks during their training. Even, instructors say them to drop-out at any stage if they can’t keep pace with requirements.

Following are the some of the severe phases that candidates go through.

Hell Week

The hell week is considered the most challenging period of navy seal training. During this week trainees have to engage in dangerous activities by taking a sleep of 4 hours only. They also perform the tasks like standing in cold water up to the waist, waiting for the instructions while being in the wet dress and enduring the unpleasant weather conditions. A good thing about hell week is that candidates get to feast upon four meals after every six hours. In this way, they can use the next meal as a potential reward.

General Activities during Navy Seal Training

Other challenging activities that trainees have to perform are as follows.

  1. Going through underwater demolition, swapping masks and taking part in night gear changes
  2. Passing a surf passage training at Coronado
  3. Jumping from the C-17 over Marine Corps Base in Hawaii
  4. Doing a Sea Insertion from a Helicopter
  5. Taking part in close quarter combat training

Apart from all the activities mentioned above, climbing ropes, jumping and running for miles, are standard parts of the navy seal training.

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