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Will Naya Pakistan Include Bengali and Afghan Refugees As Well?

There is a good news for all Bengali and Afghani Pakistan-born people. Prime Minister of Naya Pakistan, Imran Khan is going to issue all the Pakistan born Bengali and Afghani refugees National Identity Card and Passport. The Prime Minister made this announcement on his visit to Karachi.

Beginning Of Naya Pakistan With Bengali and Afghans

PM seemed very concerned about the recent situation of Karachi and the refugee issues. He told the nation that all these refugees have the right to be called Pakistanis. All of them have suffered so much discrimination.  Their families who came to Pakistan more than 40 years ago are still suffering from the ruthless behavior in this country. PM expressed his views in a very sensible way and described the situation of terrorism.

He told that these people have kids in Pakistan but still neither their ancestors nor the upcoming generation of Bengali and Afghani, refugees feel safe and secure. Employers are not offering them as much as they offer to a Pakistani NIC holder. PM told that terrorism in Karachi was a result of the less educated public frustrated by such conditions. PM Imran Khan also told the nation that these people will get their citizenship as it is their right.

If we being Pakistani expect Europe, and the US to issue us the citizenship then in Naya Pakistan we will provide these Pakistan born refugees their citizenship as well. PM has taken the ministry of interior affairs under his control and he will make sure that everyone in Naya Pakistan gets proper right.

Good and Bad Criticism

Well, the opposition never misses a chance of declaring PM Imran Khan’s step a plan and trap in their speeches. When Imran Khan gave the ultimatum to Sindh government for cleaning Karachi and contributing in the development of Naya Pakistan with Naya, more improved, and detoxified Karachi. Saeed Ghani, Sindh Minister for Local government started complaining regarding PM’s speech and his plan of giving Bengali and Afghani Pakistan born refugees the citizenship of Pakistan.

Saeed Ghani said Imran Khan Should open the gates of Bani Gala for these refugees as he should concentrate on his matter more than he is concentrating on Sindh. This speech by Saeed Ghani was filled with criticism on the federal government. He even opposed the fundraising technique of PM Imran Khan and mentioned his stance which was against the formation of Kalabagh dam bluntly.

Where the opposition is criticizing the new strategy of PM Imran Khan, many humanist and journalist seemed very content with this announcement in Naya Pakistan.

Murtaza Solangi thinks that PM Imran Khan should bring all the politicians on one page regarding this matter.

Whereas Andleeb Abbas, one of the most prominent PTI leaders also praised this step of developing Naya Pakistan.

Post-Colonial Writers Over Bengali and Afghan Refugees

Postcolonial Literature of Pakistan is full of such incidents which are related to the ruthless and brutal behavior with these people even after the formation of Pakistan. Taking Kartography by Kamila Shamsi as an example we will recognize that there was a lot of mishaps which occurred in the lives of these refugees and their offsprings during the separation of East Pakistan.

This step by Imran Khan will prove as a new ray of light in Naya Pakistan. When the nation will include all the citizens of Pakistan regardless of the previous origin and story. This country will not only defeat the terrorism but it will eradicate all the allegations which conclude the people of Pakistan as Terrorists. This is the Naya Pakistan where all the Afghani and Bengali refugees will finally get their identity and place which is no longer a haven but home for these people equally as it is for other citizens of Pakistan!

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